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Apr-21-2004, 4:17pm
It must have been here that I read about this but I searched and came up empty handed. Somebody had mentioned a Bill Monroe composition for trombone and mando. It just so happens that they guy in the office next to mine plays trombone, and I want to hear this song and see if maybe he and I can figure it out to play it together for some laughs around the office.

I searched Google and Amazon and have been unsuccessful so far in locating any recording of this tune. If anybody knows how I can hear this song, I am willing to go out and buy a CD if need be. Thanks in advance.

Scotti Adams
Apr-21-2004, 6:51pm
..from what I understand it was never recorded ...You have to understand that Mr. Bill wrote hundreds of songs that never made it to vinyl...my guess is you will never find it...

jim simpson
Apr-21-2004, 7:54pm
Perhaps it was "Dualing Tubas"!

Apr-21-2004, 8:02pm
Trombone & mandolin?? This one's got mandohack written all over it!!

Ted?? Oh, Teeeeeed!?!

Apr-21-2004, 9:19pm
The tune is on Skip Gorman's OLD STYLE MANDOLIN VOLUME TWO, but there ain't no trombone on it.

Apr-21-2004, 9:37pm
I think it's called Trombolin because of the the slide part on the mandolin at the begining of the melody. It's a great tune!

Apr-21-2004, 10:49pm
I gave Skip a copy of Monroe playing the tune; I put the original Monroe version of 'Trombolin (http://world.std.com/~ereilly/trombolin.mp3)' on my website.

Apr-22-2004, 7:22am
Evan - is that Monroe version from the "Tour Bus '66" recording?

Apr-22-2004, 8:07am
Sorta makes this picture look a little more realistc, eh?

Apr-22-2004, 9:16am
Kevin: I am not sure exactly where the tune came from: I go thru any live Monroe show I receive and cut out any specific tune I am interested in. That one sounds like it is from a workshop, as there is a band playing in the background.

Jul-29-2004, 8:57am
I just read the skip gorman article in bluegrass now mag. skip says he made up the b part in trombolin because monroes version didn't have one. but the one evan posted has a b part . is the article mistaken?

Jul-30-2004, 7:48am
I think Skip calls his "B" part - Jack Across The Way.

Jul-30-2004, 9:41am
Skip does, but they are separate tunes. I gave Skip the two Monroe originals. I know! I put up the link to 'Trombolin' on my website above; maybe I'll put up 'Jack Across the Way' also.