View Full Version : New Waverly Tuners on a Loar

Sep-11-2006, 7:10pm
I am considering replacing the tuners on my Loar with a set of new Waverly tuners. Does this require a custom set or might stock Waverly tuners work? Thanks

Sep-11-2006, 7:47pm
I had to use the custom ones that Stew-Mac has just for Loars. You will have to measure the post spacing to see what you need.

Brian Aldridge
Sep-11-2006, 8:00pm
hey Bob. On the later Loars, like a feb 18 24, I believe the regular Waverlys work, but on my April 25 23, I had to have the custom extended Waverlys made. You can contact Don MacRostie and he can give you more info, I am sure.

Sep-11-2006, 8:18pm
Brian, Mine is a March '24 and I had to use the early style. But I believe my '24 is a hold over mando from '23.

Sep-11-2006, 10:35pm
Thanks for your help.

Darryl Wolfe
Sep-12-2006, 8:03am
Bob, I agree with the posts above, you really don't know until you try or measure. Standards would not fit my 7/23. One simple test would be to see if any other new set you have fits.

Sep-12-2006, 8:27am
Yeah, just see if the post spacing is the same if you put them end to end.. you should be able to see if they are out of alignmentwith another set on a diff instrument

Sep-12-2006, 4:12pm
I got the custom for Loar spacing for my April 23 and they fit fine except for the bushings. Had to use the original bushings. I've had them on there about 5 years now and they are starting to turn a funky pink color.