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Apr-21-2004, 2:14am
Hi all!

Yesterday my new Fender FM-61 SE arrived (see picture).

Compared to my (recent) manocaster-ish reissue (I keep forgetting the name of that model) the finishing touches are not as good, but the construction of the mandolin is super.

A solid top, and I think a solid back. Tuners are a little bit crappy (I think I will replace these with mini schallers) and the pots are not as good as on my solid body.

But (here's the good thing) I only payed 235 euros for it!

Still thinking about those ryder pick-ups for both mandolins, that would be super!

commens, thoughts or other happy owners?


May-17-2004, 3:02pm
Body is semi solid, thick rim, and a substantial block under the bridge assembly. back and top are of substantial thickness too. Sturdy. The tuners are a weak spot, should stay in tune better.

I made another pickguard,Black, and installed a Strat type EMG.
Also replaced the 2 pots with one with both controls concentric.
String changes are still a P.I.A, loop end sets can use one ball end ( I like the bigger ones from Cello strings)per pair, rather than using 2 ball end ones in the same ferrule hole.
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steve in tampa
Dec-26-2004, 5:32am
Just picked one of these up cheap (e-bay, 80.00). Easy player though the neck is not perfectly straight, its not too bad.

Looking for a microscopic allen wrench to fine tune the bridge. Looks to be a 1/64th or 3/64th.

Looks to have the original strings on it. As far as re stringing, do you get loop end and re use the ferrule, or are there sets made specifically for them?

Dec-26-2004, 6:51pm
2 standard balls barely fit in the ferrule,side by side, and you have to detension both to get the broken one out anyhow.
thats why I usually stack 2 loops on one reused ball.
guitar ones ok, [the bigger ones cellos and bass' a source]

unless you buy single guitar strings , the variety of choices are in loop types..
bridge adjusting screw: Yes, they're so small as to seem un hexagonal, without that microscope.
string tension must be off entirely to have any effect.
won't cost #much more #to get a top brand allen, hard tempered, since its not far off being a round #wire.

steve in tampa
Dec-27-2004, 4:05pm
Tried the smallest allen key I could find, a 1.5mm, and it was way too big. Anyone know exactly what size it is?
Is there a truss rod adjustment to be found underneath the pick guard?

Dec-28-2004, 5:32am

Can someone tell me where these mandos are made? I'm guessing one of the Squier manufacturers in Asia maybe?


steve in tampa
Dec-28-2004, 12:25pm
to the best of my knowledge they are not being made anymore. I got a used one. Some that show up on e-bay on occasion.

Dec-29-2004, 1:19pm
those who make Samick [brand] is one Korean supplier for many items under other names, as I understand, there may be others..
Steve: my allen measures .034", 0.88mm (across the hex 'flats')
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steve in tampa
Dec-29-2004, 5:47pm
Cool! I will look for that. The smallest I have found so far is .5mm. Going to a jam tonight and trying it out with the rock dudes. Bringing an overdrive pedal for kicks.