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Sep-08-2006, 4:36am
I find many of the stories behind these prized and rare instruments facinating. How they were found in the basements of old houses, or in the back of a closet or under grandpa's old bed after not being played for 70+ years. Or bought at a yard sale from someone who had no idea an old beat up "Uke" was actually a forgotten treasured piece of american musical history. If you have a good "real" story about Loar or any other Old mandolin I would love to read about it. Let us hear your "Tales of Loar"

Sep-08-2006, 6:11am
73485 was found during an attic renovation

Sep-08-2006, 6:42am
Wow you really know how to spin a yarn!haha Any other details?

Sep-08-2006, 7:01am
Well if memory serves correctly, the original owner's father placed it up there not long after purchase. Walls were moved & the Loar ended up behind one. Recently as the attic was being remodelled, the Loar appeared in a space that had been walled off.

Or something like that. I may be getting the exact details wrong!

Scott Tichenor
Sep-08-2006, 7:11am
This email dropped into my inbox on January 27, 2004 from an owner who didn't play and who had this instrument in his possesion for a number of years. It was in his mother's possession for years before that. They didn't have any idea it was worth more than sentimental value. A few weeks later I met the owners at WinterGrass and got to watch it strung up for the first time in over 50 years and then was the first one allowed to play it, a moment I still remember well. I had low expectations for what it'd sound like, but it sounded wonderful.


I have a Lloyd Loar signed f-5 from 1924. All labels attached and unused since appox. 1951. It was my grandfathers and has been in the family since he purchased it. I need to get it appraised to insure it. I just realized what I had in the last couple of days. Can you provide names of appraisers in the Seattle WA area? I will send info. on the mandolin for your list tomorrow after I get the info. from inside.

Sep-08-2006, 7:23am
Dan,Not long after the original purchase? It looks to have been altered at some point. I do like the block inlays, just like my mando.

Scott, you must have been thrilled to have been the first person to play and hear it after all that time.

Sep-08-2006, 9:26am
Yes- it appears to have been redone and was sold "AS new" in the 30s. Full 1930s fern appointments and over-finish

Sep-08-2006, 3:24pm
Dan, would you leave it as is or restore it to its original condition? If it were yours that is.

Sep-08-2006, 4:27pm
I'd leave as found.. Refinishing would be taking a gibson finish off! No problem with tone either..

Ivan Kelsall
Sep-26-2006, 8:48am
That Loar 73485 has to be one of the most beautiful Mandolins i've ever seen.I don't normally like 'block' inlays,but they just seem to suit the 'horizontal' Gibson logo & i especially like the slightly understated 'fern'. Not many Mandolins really make me wish that they were mine,but boy,that one surely does,