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Sep-03-2006, 8:21pm
if you haven't, you should. this guy and his band opened for dr. john the other night in lowell mass.- wow! great stuff. cajun, a tad of zydeco- blues, country. great band- and out of the 8-10 songs, almost all featured someone on mandolin- don't know his name, but really nice rythm and solos. the couple he played on guitar, he played slide really sweetly as well.
it looked from a distance to be a midmo, but i'm not positive as i didn't get to close to his side of the stage and he didn't come round front.

anyway- i bought the album-trouble on the levee- it is awesome! kind of a cajun operetta in the sense that the songs are connected by theme.

just thought i'd share the name- i think this guy and band are happening.

ps- just heard of him the other night when i saw him- so no financial bene for me.

Sep-12-2006, 10:08pm
another fyi re: dfread through the liner notes and the mando player's name is chris leadbetter.