View Full Version : 1922 F2 came in yesterday

Aug-31-2006, 9:06am
Unfortunately, the headstock is snapped off above the nut. Serial number is 69524. It was in a fellows attic and had belonged to his Grandfather. I will be sending it over to Randy Wood for needed repairs.

http://new.photos.yahoo.com/johnsmu....0#page1 (http://new.photos.yahoo.com/johnsmusichiltonhead/album/576460762311285860#page1)

John Rosett
Aug-31-2006, 1:23pm
nice find, john! when i try the link, i get an error message.

Aug-31-2006, 2:22pm
Changed it, try that. John

Jim Garber
Aug-31-2006, 2:37pm
Still an error msg.

When I try this link:

says you have no photos.


Aug-31-2006, 3:57pm
go to the album that says F2. that works for me. Sorry, John

Aug-31-2006, 3:59pm
try this one. Sheesh!

Jim Garber
Aug-31-2006, 4:05pm
Sorry, John:
Yahoo says:
johnsmusichiltonhead Has No Shared Photos

To view a friends' slideshow, select a friend who has shared photos with you, then select Slideshow again.

That link you provided might only work for you. Perhaps there is a way to send the link from yahoo to someone to share. That would the link to use.