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John Flynn
Apr-19-2004, 1:13pm
I just acquired a Parsons flat-top as a second mando. I really like it, BTW. It came with a nice TKL gig bag that is very handy for certain things, but I am interested in also getting a not-too-expensive shaped hardshell for it. Problem is, I have tried several aftermarket cases and they are all too large in the body. The body does fit snugly in both a Collings MT case and Breedlove case, but it is a short necked mando, almost too short for those cases and the vendors I talked to will only sell those cases with the mandos they come with. The mando is 10" wide 2 1/2" high and 24" long. Does anyone know of a brand/model# that would work, and/or a vendor who could help? The listings online rarely give the dimensions.

Apr-19-2004, 1:32pm
Modern Supercase will make pretty much what ever you want. It might be a little pricier than what your wanting to spend....but they make a great case.

Apr-19-2004, 2:44pm
If you don't want to pay for a custom-built case, buy a cheaper case to fit an A style and stuff a cloth diaper or cleaning cloth on the end of the headstock to take up space. I do that with my Breedlove KO in a case I bought from Stewart-MacDonald.

John Flynn
Apr-19-2004, 4:54pm

Good advice. I actually bought a Rogue "A" hardshell case from Musician's Friend for only $22. It is too big for the instrument, but it is a surprisingly well made case for the money. I was going to send it back, but I may just take your advice and pad it out.

I am still open to advice on the original question, if anyone has an answer, though.

Apr-20-2004, 6:10am
Mando Johnny,
Would your Parsons fit into one of the old Gibson shaped A cases? I sold my A-1 a while ago and the buyer purchased a rectangular case seperately, so I still have the original case, which doesn't work for any of my other Mandos. If you want to check it out, I'm in StL.

Lane Pryce
Apr-20-2004, 7:17am
You could have someone who works in upholstery rework the case for you. I've had that done before. It is very affordable and looks like a factory job. Lp