View Full Version : Age of this F4 case?

Steve Stahl
Aug-23-2006, 12:55pm
Can anybody tell me the vintage of this F4 (or F7 or F10)case? A 1919 whiteface A3 was living in it.

Steve Stahl
Aug-23-2006, 12:57pm
Try again.

Aug-23-2006, 1:08pm
I have no idea but would give you a hundered bucks for it (I guess. . . . )


Darryl Wolfe
Aug-23-2006, 1:10pm
Wow, those are rare as heck. They were available up until the F-5 was introduced 1922-1923. They redesigned the case to fit the F-5 and discontinued that one. The one's I've seen were of the later teens period. It was last listed in a 1923 pricelist

Darryl Wolfe
Aug-23-2006, 1:13pm
One of two I've seen, yours makes 3. #I think this is a 1917 F-4 (by memory)

Aug-23-2006, 1:25pm
Agree with Darryl. That's a very unusual case- almost nobody ordered them. I believe I have 4 records of them in total. Rare & cool!

Dave Reiner
Aug-25-2006, 10:52am
Dan -

Could you point us to your 4 records of that kind of case? Maybe by serial # ...

What do you think it might be worth?



Aug-25-2006, 11:20am
| serial | model | year |
| 11051 | F4 | 1912 |
| 40086 | F4 | 1918 |
| 22712 | F4 | 1915 |
| 10132 | F2 | 1911 |

Value is hard to say. Nice condition A cases fetch around $250, F cases 300-350.. I offered the owner (a dealer) $500 but was told the price was $1500 firm.

Sep-06-2006, 10:39am
sorta off topic but this sure is an interesing banjo case
ebay 150029343552

Darryl Wolfe
Sep-06-2006, 1:03pm
Not off topic a bit. It's surely made by the same manufacturer during the same period. I've never seen anything like it

Ken Waltham
Sep-06-2006, 3:27pm
I have certainly never seen anything like that, either. That is really cool. Is the holding straps for the extra calf skin head part of the original package? Sure looks like it is...
I guess you would need to carry an extra in those days...

While we're on weird cases, made by Geib and others, look at this, at my luthier's shop. Made in NYC.