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Jan-29-2004, 1:07pm
ok, I just bought a mandolin last week, hanging on the guy's wall, a week later, he still has not shipped it...

what is he doing? looking at it?

seriously though, I am considering the $150 roundtrip ticket to NY to just go get the %$#@ thing myself.

Jan-29-2004, 1:41pm
I had the same thing happen with a instrument dealer in the mid-west who occasionally puts mandolins on the cafe. Gave him a call and worked out the details. He was waiting to miss a major snow-storm headed for the area.

Jan-29-2004, 1:58pm
well, I am unfortunately, a little impatient now.
last year, I commisioned a mandolin from Italy, the luthier told me it would be finished in about 12 weeks, which I thought was too fast.
well it has been almost seven months, and no mandolin.

so I decided to buy this one, hanging on the wall , at a luthier's shop in NY.
well, you cant order a mandolin with exra pickles.

I suppose it is my destiny to wait. or w---a---i----t would be a more proper way to spell that word.

Jan-29-2004, 3:22pm
It's not just Luthiers. Folk of the Woods still posts a wonderful ad with photos for a mandolin they shipped (immediately) to me last summer.

steve V. johnson
Jan-29-2004, 4:59pm
It's not just Luthiers. Folk of the Woods still posts a wonderful ad with photos for a mandolin they shipped (immediately) to me last summer.
I have tried to buy from FOTW a couple of times and each time ran into this (uncharitably called a "Bait & Switch swindle) situation. An instrument will be posted at a grand price and, woops, not available (since last year!). A friend waited six weeks to find that his order had not ever been written down.

I know others have had good experiences with them, and they are probably not really crooked, but I wish I'd had a better time with them. They'd have my $$ now!

Also... Luthier time is not of this earth. I have several custom instruments from well-known builders. No matter what they say, add three or six or eight months. Always. That's just the way it is. Ya gotta just keep loving them so they don't slip and screw up your instrument! <GGG>


Michael H Geimer
Jan-30-2004, 11:01am
He he he FOTW 'got me', too. Though I didn't mind so much. Here's the story ...

I looking to trade up my old Epi MM-50 (EC+) after I picked up the Weber. I figured I'd get a Mid-mo. FOTW had an M-11, and furthermore, they offered my more in trade than I ever thought I would get out of the Epi. So, I took the deal of the Epi+$ and promptly recv'd the Mid-Mo.

Of course, it was obvious that they shipped me the 'floor model', as I have never seen an M-11 that is completely devoid of binding, rosette, decals, anything. (It must be an earlier production run, or some such oddity.)

Like I said above, I didn't care. I love this Mid-mo, and FOTW sold that Epi within a week, so someone out there is enjoying it. (Not very loud, but it sure played great)

Caveat Emptor, I guess.

- Benignus

Jan-30-2004, 11:05am
FOTW doesn't look too organized with their listings on their website. They're Use Instrument page shows it was last updated on 11/15/2003, but I have certainly seen things posted their since then. They have a Weber Sage OM listed, the pictures for it are that of a Morgan Monroe. I'm operating under the assumption that keeping their website up to date has not yet been identified as a high priority item on their plate.

That said, my one experience dealing with them was a good one.

Jan-30-2004, 11:49am
I didn't want this to turn into a FOTW bashing thread. It's odd that they'd go to the extent of creating a glouriosly colorful and complicated website, and not keep it accurate. (The ad for the Phoenix #296 can be ignored.)

But back to the topic. I work for a manufacturing company and we're always late too. Yesterday my boss sends an email to a customer, "Your compressor system is finally almost complete." I walked the printout over to his desk and lightheartedly mentioned, "After we ship it, maybe they'll send us an email asking how soon we'd almost like to be paid." He was not amused...

Tom C
Jan-30-2004, 1:13pm
Personally, I would not take anything listed on the internet as the final say.
Them being prices, pics, availability, model, actual instrument or even opinions.
All of these change -just like the Gibson model where somebody thought they came with tuners with screws to easily interchange the buttons.

Jan-30-2004, 3:30pm
I thought about buying from FOTW a couple of years ago. I had seen all their good advertisements on the Net of all the mandos thay supposedly had for sale. Drove over 4 hours to get there. Found all they had at the time were mostly cheap Kentuckys and such. Had signs all over them that they did not want you to touch them.

On a nice instrument, it seems to me they order from somewhere when you order, like Musicians Friends or somewhere else, do their thing when they get it in and then ship it to you.

I was sure not impressed with them.