View Full Version : Morris Family OT Music Fest

Fred Keller
Aug-22-2006, 8:43am
Cool video:

Morris Family OT Fest (http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2480327010934579180&q=old+time+music&hl=en)

Tom Mylet
Aug-22-2006, 1:25pm
A friend loaned me this video a few months ago. I attended this festival a few of the years. It was an amazing time that probably changed me and my outlook on music more than I can appreciate. How I was fortunate enough to stumble onto the music and people was truly serendipitous. I actually thought I saw myself in one brief crowd scene.

The opening scenes building the bridge are significant in that the place pretty much flooded and I was sure the bridge would float away stranding us all. As a naive kid from New Jersey, it was like stumbling into another dimension.

Tom Mylet

Red Englemann
Sep-10-2006, 6:15am
Cool video:

I have been watching this video several times recently. There are some local favorites in the credits, namely Sparky Rucker from Knoxville.


Ken Berner
Sep-10-2006, 1:46pm
Fred, Pardon my ignorance, but how you you make the video and sound continuous and fluent? It is too jerky to enjoy. Thanks.

Fred Keller
Sep-10-2006, 4:30pm

Wish I had an answer for you there. I didn't encounter the jerkiness and I was referred to the video through an oldtime list (i.e., it's not my video). My limited--and all-too-frequently-outdated--computer knowledge suggests it could be anything from bad connection to incompatible software.