View Full Version : Open tuning and string breakage

Andy Bard
Apr-18-2004, 3:04pm
I sometimes tune my mandolin GDAD - I like the chord possibilities and having an extra open string for zingy chord strumming. However, on tuning back up to GDAE my strings invariably snap (I use phosphor bronze lights). This is a right pain. Anything I can do to stop the strings breaking, or am I just going to have to buy a second mandolin, dedicated to the open tuning (I am reluctant to do this as I have a beautiful Paul Hathway which serves all my needs)?

Apr-18-2004, 3:23pm
Do they snap first time? Or does it take a few-5 times for them to snap? If they snap right away, you may just need to have a new nut cut, or try putting pipe tape(teflon) under the strings at the nut, looks sloppy, but helps glide the strings. Otherwise, it's just metal fatigue. Others know lots more, I'm sure they'll chime in.

Apr-19-2004, 6:36pm
I had the same problem. Tried rubbing pencil lead/graphite in the nut slots. Didn't help.
I now have another mandolin tuned, and ready to play when I want different tuning. It's a great excuse to get another mando!