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Scott Rucker
Aug-15-2006, 8:28pm
Check this site out:

http://www.berea.edu/hutchin....und.asp (http://www.berea.edu/hutchinslibrary/specialcollections/specialsound.asp)

Having to use the search engine is a bit awkward for browsing, but it's still full of cool old time music, several hours of MP3's. The John Salyer collection is extensive. My favorite so far is Roger Cooper's "Flannery's Dream".

Aug-16-2006, 9:15am
This is cool!


Aug-16-2006, 7:51pm
Holy Cow...that place is fantastic! did you see all the live recordings of Bill and Ralph?!?

Mando Gil
Aug-16-2006, 9:37pm
You are a saint! I'll be spending a good bit of time listening to the Wilson Douglas and Melvin Wine material. There are two things West Virginia sets the standard for: tail-gating at football games and honest-to-goodness fiddle tunes!! LET'S GO MOUNTAINEERS!! Oh yeah, and moonshine.

David M.
Aug-17-2006, 8:19am
This is a good site. Look at the Art Stamper stuff. Enough for an album and it's all good stuff. Also, check out a friend of mine, Lewis Lamb's fiddle stuff on there.

Scott Rucker
Aug-17-2006, 1:18pm
I'm a big fan of Kentucky fiddling, and there sure is plenty of it there. That's how I ran across it, looking for Buddy Thomas material. It's like having John Harrod's reel to reel collection plus more.

Hey Gil, WV is called 'Almost Heaven' just 'cause it borders KY. Just don't bring up the subject of football.

Mando Gil
Aug-17-2006, 5:51pm
Hatfields vs. McCoys; Mountaineers vs. Cardinals - WV2 KY0
Melvin Wine/Art Stamper - toss up. I really like Hiram and Art Stamper. I watched a grown man cry telling a story about learning a tune from Art Stamper. My work takes me to Richmond a couple of times a year. Where are you located?

Scott Rucker
Aug-17-2006, 7:45pm
Near Huntington WV, in Ashland KY. #Do you know what a UK football fan's favorite phrase is?

It's almost basketball season.

Mando Gil
Aug-17-2006, 8:28pm
Something about basketball season will be here soon. My grandfather was living in Louisa when he passed away. I live in DC now, I'm from Logan, WV. You should have some pretty good local talent in that neck of the woods! I'm stuck in a metro area w/ a bunch of yuppie bluegrassers. Just a joke, there are tons of people playing all types of music here and most of them are very friendly. In keeping w/ this post I am adding a site I haven't seen mentioned on the cafe before...


the whole story is on the page so I won't elaborate.

Scott Rucker
Aug-18-2006, 1:13pm
Thanks for the site, Gil. That'll keep me busy for hours and hours. Logan and Ashland share claim to Ed Haley, correct?

David M.
Aug-18-2006, 1:48pm
John Harrod used to occasionally come down to Danville, KY (where I used to live) sit in on some local jams, mainly to show some of the KY bowing he'd picked up. Real nice fellow.

One tune to look up (if you don't already know/play it) is Devil Eat the Groundhog from Snake Chapman. Cool tune and there's a few versions of this tune on that site. Real fun to bow as well as pick on the mando.

Aug-18-2006, 1:57pm
Anybody figured out how to download (easily) an entire collection? I'd like to store some of this on my computer and then burn it to disk for the car/ipod.


Paul Kotapish
Aug-18-2006, 1:58pm
Very cool site with some wonderful fiddlers and banjo players. Most of these guys and gals have had a big influence on old-time musicians of my generation (those of us pushing or pulling 50), and it's wonderful to have their music so readily available.

Thanks for the link.


Mando Gil
Aug-18-2006, 8:35pm

I believe Haley was born in Logan and moved to Ashland. They can both claim him but I think he was very transient. My father is a pretty good resource. I've seen him listen to guys play and guess, correctly, who they learned from. I asked him where Haley lived, short answer - where ever they were paying tips for requests. Probably typical of that time for our region.