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Aug-08-2006, 6:14am
I've been enjoying this Tim O'Brien record a lot lately and I wonder if anybody would care to suggest others in the same area. I like Tim's old time/ celtic sounds more than the bluegrass.

Mando Gil
Aug-08-2006, 8:44am
Have you tried Tim O'Brien's "Songs from the Mountain"?

Jonathan James
Aug-08-2006, 9:29am
Some of my favorites of Tim (more Celtic, traditional than BG): The Crossing, Two Journeys, Songs from the Mountain.

Aug-08-2006, 9:51am
I've got a fair bit of Tim including the cds you've both mentioned, I was hoping for pointers to people working along the same lines.

Fred Keller
Aug-08-2006, 1:10pm
Tim showed up for the recording of Art Stamper's last CD entitled "Wake Up Darling Cory." This CD is absolutely a gem: get to hear Art play some old pieces of his father Hiram and you get to hear Tim sing on about half of 'em. Paaarrrful music.

Aug-08-2006, 2:07pm
The Crossing and Songs From the Mountain are must haves!

Aug-08-2006, 2:11pm
That Art Stamper cd is the real deal! Thanks for the recommendation, any more?

Fred Keller
Aug-08-2006, 2:54pm

How raw do you like your old time? http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/tounge.gif .

I like all kinds, but I went to Field Recorder Collective (http://www.fieldrecorder.com/) a while back and ordered one of their sets. Holy cow is that cool. There is little mando content, but Vernon Clifton is interesting to listen to. The cd of Fred Cockerham was nearly worth the price of the whole set for me.

Other folks of a more contemporary nature that I listen to routinely are Rayna Gellert, Piney Creek Weasels, Volo Bogtrotters, Freighthoppers, Foghorn String band, and the Reeltime Travelers.

Aug-08-2006, 5:15pm
Thanks, I'll investigate some of those names. Old Time music is hard to come by in the Uk, thank heaven for places like this.

Aug-09-2006, 6:52pm
Tom, Brad, and Alice! Sorry no mando but great music. Available on Amazon UK. My fav CD of theirs is "We'll die in the pig pen fighting"

Look at Uncle Earl (not too old timey but nice). I would also see if you could order from Mudthumper.com (http://www.mudthumper.com/)and Walt Koken for the Orpheum Supertones and duets with Claire Milner. No mando but great old timey tunes. You can order there by credit card but might want to contact Walt for overseas order.


Aug-10-2006, 9:46am
murphydog- Do you have the Tim Obrien/Darryl Scott album Real Time? I love that one and have intended on checking out Darryl Scotts other projects but have not gotten around to it.

Have you checked out bluegrassbox.com? There is a wealth of live tim over there, and I find he always changes it up and has new things I've never heard in the live shows....
I particularly reccomend a live solo tim show from carbondale Colorado, recorded right after the Telluride Bluegrass Festival, though I can't recall the date...

Jonathan James
Aug-10-2006, 10:06am
On Darrell Scott, his new album "Invisible Man" is really good. More Americana than bluegrass or traditional, in my opinion.

Joe Dodson
Aug-10-2006, 1:01pm
It probably goes without saying, but Norman Blake may be the best old-time player alive. I don't think of him as a mando player, but coincidentally I just received a copy of his mando instructional CD from homespun. Great stuff.

Aug-11-2006, 3:37pm
I was lucky enough to see Tim and Darrell at a local pub, great show! I have Real Time and I love Darrell on Guy Clark's discs but his own stuff veer a bit close to the singer songwriter camp for my liking. Norman Blakes name comes up a lot
, I don't have any so recommendations are welcome.

C. Carr
Aug-26-2006, 7:10am
If you liked Tim O'Brien's "Fiddler's Green" and "The Crossing", then you might give The Chieftans "Down The Old Plank Road" a listen. It was recorded in Nashville in 2002. Tim O'Brien plays mandolin on a few tracks, as does Ronnie McCoury (mandolin), Ricky Scaggs (mandolin), Bela Fleck (banjo), and too many more to mention!

Sometimes (and sort of...)along the same lines is "Old School Freight Train" on the most recent album. They also span "Newgrass" and "JazzGrass" (my terms, I think, not theirs).

Why is it that I didn't especially care for Tim O'Brien's "Cornbread Nation", but loved "Fiddler's Green"?



Aug-26-2006, 10:09pm
C. Carr, Perhaps because the Fiddlers Green is more Trad while Tim didn't feel to constrained on Cornbread Nation.

The companion to Down the Old Plank Road, Farther Down the Old Plank Road by the Chieftans is worthwile too. My kids and I really like the DVD as well.

I really like Old School Freight Train but don't pop them in when I'm in the mood for old timey stuff. They feel more Jazzy Newgrass to me.


C. Carr
Aug-28-2006, 8:11am
Has anyone found standard notation or tablature for any of Tim O'Brien's music? Please let me know where to buy, borrow, or steal it!(just an expression I won't really steal it.)



Aug-28-2006, 12:48pm
I'm popping into this thread kinda late, but I just "rediscovered" Tim and Mollie O'Brien's Away Out On The Mountain CD. I bought it years ago but it got cycled into the CD collection and hasn't made it out for a year to two. We saw Tim O. in SLC, UT a couple weeks ago which inspired me to dig through the old Hot Rize LPs and also dig out this Tim & Mollie CD... it's great stuff, and more in the traditional/old timey vein.


Sep-13-2006, 8:36pm
Tim also turns up on the very trad. Dirk Powell releases.

Jonathan James
Sep-14-2006, 5:58am
and he produced and plays on the new Riley Baugus CD, Long Steel Rail.

Sep-15-2006, 10:49am
Tim plays fiddle, mandolin, and bouziki and Dirk Powell plays banjo, fiddle, and accordian on David Grier's CD Hootenanny. The tunes are mostly fresh, old-timey, trio arrangements of traditional tunes and a few very strong originals. When Guitar Player mag named Grier one of the Artists of The Decade, this CD was considered essential listening. It's great!