View Full Version : 1927 Gibson A

Dan Cohen
Aug-07-2006, 11:10am
I really love the sound of this instrument but I find that I don't play it much because it's harder to play then my others. #The action is fine but harder to get a clean sound.

I'm not an expert on frets but I suspect that this is the problem. #The frets are flat and much lower than my other newer instruments. #Wondering if the experts here would suggest that new larger frets would help. #I'm sure my technique and skills need adjusting too but that's another story.

Thanks for any thoughts.

Mike Buesseler
Aug-07-2006, 1:07pm
I'm not an expert, Dan, but I have a '20 A model that had good sound, too, but somehow always seemed 'muddy' or something, to me. I sent it to John Hamlett (Sunburst). He gave me new frets (excellent work and service, all around). I replaced the rosewood (non-original) bridge with a Brekke custom (ala Peter Coombe)model, and it has become my favorite mandolin for Celtic, Old-time, and just plain noodling around. Frets and bridge are the places to put your money, IMHO.

Aug-07-2006, 1:29pm

I recently acquired a 1927 A4. The fingerboard was carefully removed and replaced with a radius and fat frets. The former owner also installed a Brekke bridge. It has all the good sound as well as ease of play.

Aug-07-2006, 3:59pm
I loved the sound of my A - it turned heads in the shop. But,it was really hard to play and so I wasn't going to keep it.Hand was tired within an hour. Believe it or not, the bridge was on backwards! Now its fine. J