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Aug-06-2006, 12:28pm
I recently came into some great old footage of JD Crowe and among it is some wonderful video from the classic New South Line-up. I posted a couple of clips to YouTube. This one is for Sin City (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2WGrjqVnCA)

This clip is of interest to this section of the forum because Ricky takes some time in a question section to discuss his Dec. 24 Loar. It's interesting how he initially explains that Guy Hart designed it and then kind of added Loar as an afterthought.

Now I know that there have been political type shifts in the debate regarding Hart and Loar. Was it the line in the 70's that Hart was more responsible than Loar for the F5?

Sorry for the poor audio--hopefully you can make it out.


Aug-06-2006, 1:21pm
My luthier always says Loar got the credit whereas others really did the work. I guess like the boss signing off on em and taking credit (not so uncommon or unheard of for sure).
Cool clip!

Aug-06-2006, 5:39pm
That is actually off a TV show taping they did back then. I have the VHS somewhere. It's fairly short, but good.

Aug-06-2006, 5:58pm
Yes, it's off a show I have they did for KET (PBS) TV. It's probably about 25 minutes long and pretty good.


Aug-07-2006, 8:57am
Does anyone know if Bobby Sloane (bass/fiddle) is still around? I used to talk to him about every Saturday night in Martin's Bar when he was playing with the Kentucky Mountain Boys in Lexington many years ago.

Scotti Adams
Aug-07-2006, 9:32am
Bobby is still around..I believe he had a mild stroke a #few months back. Last I heard he was playing fiddle at the Renfro Valley Barn Dance. You would be hardpressed to fine a nicer man....and funny.

Aug-07-2006, 4:03pm
Thanks for the information. He was always friendly and gracious to me. I was a GI stationed at Ft. Knox 1966-67, and would hitch hike to Lexington every Saturday evening to hear JD, Doyle Lawson, Bobby, and a couple other guys play, and see how many PBR's I could drink.

Darryl Wolfe
Aug-08-2006, 9:39am
These links are blocked here at work, so I cannot view it. Does he actually say it is a December 24 Loar? The reason I comment is because his 24 was a March 31, 1924. He did have a Dec 24, but that was much much later.

Aug-08-2006, 12:45pm
He just says 1924.


Aug-08-2006, 12:59pm
You're right. For some reason I thought he said December '24, but it's just 1924.


Aug-11-2006, 6:04am
Finally got a chance to view this. Wow, that's where Ricky belongs -- singing tenor and adding some nice mando touches to Tony & JD. #Too bad about the hair style!

Lots of good stuff on YouTube -- look for Emmylou Harris & Ricky Skaggs - "Hello Stranger" on the Johnny Cash Show. #Ricky sings the second female part.

Ricky wasn't too bad with Flatt & Scruggs either.... Ruby (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhvDvMV4_FY)

Aug-11-2006, 1:48pm
I love that everyone's noodling away while Ricky's talking, nice and loose.

Aug-13-2006, 5:04pm
I agree that was where Ricky Belongs....Boy, you actually see that Eastern Kentucky Hillbilly come out back in those days ( and I mean that in a good way)

Like every other bluegrasser, I have the JD Crowe and the New South recording with "Old Home Place" on it..did they have any other recordings together?