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Apr-16-2004, 7:51am
Hey Guys,

I ahve a question about my 1920 AJr. It has (from what I've been told) the original bridge.

Apr-16-2004, 7:57am
...and Now I'll learn to use a computer...

anyway... Pics are available here: #

Some more info on it:
The fingerboard has been replaced. #The neck looks good and straight (slight curve to allow for strings to swing).
The top seems to have settled in over the years.

I've put Thomastik lights on there for 2 reasons. #I like the sound and I don't want too much force on the top or the neck. The Thomastiks sit lower in the nut slightly and perhaps in the bridge slots too. The neck is less flexed with the lighter tension strings.

Subsequently, my action is too low and it buzzes when played even lightly.

Here's the question.

I think I need to replace the bridge. To get one that raises the action slightly. #Can anyone recommend a good one for this year Gibson?


Mike Buesseler
Apr-16-2004, 9:26am
Craigtoo, #I was in a similar position recently with my 20s A model. #I'm not the expert you are looking for, but here's what I came up with.

First, someone mentioned that bridge, tuners, tailpieces don't need to be original. #They are replaceable. #(You can always keep the original for resale if you want). #Your tuners are already replacements. #I tried a fixed bridge--forget it! #Much work, and then if you change strings or humidity, etc, you're stuck. # So, after checking around, I found that Peter Coombes builds mandolins more or less modeled after old Gibson As. #He uses a Brekke bridge which he modifies slightly. #Since I live in Montana, am on a first name basis with the Weber folks, including Vern Brekke, I just called him and asked if he'd make me a bridge like Peter's. #He did, and not only has the mando never sounded better, but the Brekke LOOKS almost like the original non-adjustable.

I'd bet those light T-Is are the reason for your buzzing. # Not much tension there. #But, with an adjustable bridge, you could go with them.

Apr-16-2004, 11:44pm
My A Jr sounded better (than its' previous great sound) after I had an adjustable Loar style bridge fitted to the top. Sullivan, Wood, or F5Journal all make great ones that will allow you to adjust string height. There are other things you can change, but they could offend a purist. Try this first; it is a common modification on an A.


Apr-18-2004, 5:15pm
Thanks guys.

I was visiting my friend in the Alps this weekend, he has a Coombe (#76 I believe) that bridge does look great. #A very elegant design....(not to mention a brilliant sound from that mando...)

I do like the idea of having a bridge that needs no tools to adjust though.

Perhaps I'll contact f5journal to see if he could supply me with one when I'm home in the states next month.

My biggest concern was the difference in "foot patterns" between the 2. (Loar style and A style). #Will it make a difference if I don't stay with the same (original) foot pattern? #wdrysd seems to have had good results!

thanks again for any comments!


Apr-18-2004, 5:29pm
Craig- try the Loar bridge repro. It's period correct (nearly) and certainly designed to work on a top like yours. Some mandolins I've tried recently with the adjustible type sound pretty good!

Jul-03-2004, 9:12am
Just the post I was looking for. Recently got my a-jr. and really should replace the bridge, Sullivan, Steve Smith, Randy Wood, all look like the 40-50 range, the brekke traditional about 90. Any suggestions?

Craig, nice mando, what did you decide?

Ward Elliott
Jul-03-2004, 9:26am
#Daniel Smith makes an excellent Loar reproduction bridge for a bit less money than that, if you're interested I can send you his info. In fact I've got some extras right now, I'd be happy to send you one.

Jul-03-2004, 9:28am
After searching the posts again, I found one for Roger Siminoff's repro bridge, just got off the phone with him, so search is over, for a bridge at least. And, wow, pretty inexpensive. Thanks, JOM.

Scott, I love the search function here. Maybe if I used it more often I wouldn't be taking up so much bandwidth....

Jul-03-2004, 9:29am
WARD, I just read your post, after I ordered it already! DANG.

Ward Elliott
Jul-03-2004, 1:12pm
Man, when you say you're gonna order a bridge you don't mess around do you?

Jul-03-2004, 1:40pm
impulsive creature,eh? A little too impulsive, apparently