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Apr-15-2004, 1:53pm
im tryin to learn sailor's hornipe in the key of A, but the only key i can find it in is G. i learned the A-part of the song in the key i want, but im really having some grief trying to transpose the B-part to the key i want. if you could post a link to the song, or post the song itself, on here, that would be a huge help. im gonna start playin with a band, and this was one of the songs they wanted me to learn. thanks alot, and i really appreciate any help on this. - robert

Tom C
Apr-15-2004, 2:01pm
Why A? I originally learned it in Bb. Then in G. I think it sounds better in Bb.

Apr-15-2004, 2:06pm
they just want me to learn it in A. #that seems to be the key that they play most of their songs in. #although im told that they often forget to put on their capos, and start playing the songs in G. #that should be interseting http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/laugh.gif

Ken Sager
Apr-15-2004, 2:39pm
Email me and I'll send a PDF of Sailor's Hornpipe tab in A.



Apr-15-2004, 2:50pm
Tell them to put their capo on the 3rd fret instead of the 2nd and they can play in Bb like the big boys.

Bobbie Dier
Apr-15-2004, 3:18pm
Bb?? I need to try that.

Apr-15-2004, 9:10pm
I usually play it in G; Monroe recorded it in Bb, but he didn't take a break (one of the few instrumentals he recorded without a mandolin break).
It is a great practice tune in Bb, really gives the pinkie a workout.

Apr-16-2004, 7:47am
Just hum it out in that scale. If you start a G version on the G note of the E string (1st position), just transfer that start note to an A note. I thought that the A (second finger) on the D string 7th fret sounded good for a starting place. Then rock down to the 6th fret and pop your third finger up to the 9th fret on the G string. This gives you the classic start for Sailors, now finish it!



Apr-16-2004, 1:00pm
I just learned Sailor's Hornpipe on b@njo. Fun song. Haven't attempted it on mando yet, though, hehe http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Ken Sager
Apr-16-2004, 1:37pm
Learn it in a closed scale and you can play it in any key with ease.

Love to all,