View Full Version : Does Peter Rowan play Mando?

Apr-15-2004, 8:13am
I mentioned a Peter Rowan show on other thread and just relistened to it. It's Peter Rowan 10.24.98
with Tony Rice, Vassar Clements, Ronny Simpkins. When the band it's introduced, it's Rice on D-28, Clements on fiddle (duh) and Simplins on base. Sounds like there's mando so I figured it must be Rowan on mando. Didn't know he played mando.

Scotti Adams
Apr-15-2004, 8:17am
..yup..he does..mandola too..and Im pretty sure he plays a Chec mando to....possibly a Houlabouk...(Spelling)

Apr-15-2004, 8:50am
Rowan plays mando quite a bit on his CD "BLUEGRASS BOY'

Apr-15-2004, 10:02am
I don't know if Peter has a Czech mandolin, but I do know he had, and I assume still has a Wayne Henderson mandolin.

Apr-15-2004, 10:17am
Last time I saw him live { last year } he had Billy Bright on mandolin { with Vassar and Tony Rice }. Rowan played mandola all night except for a few songs { about 3 } when he played the guitar.

Apr-15-2004, 10:34am
I was floored when my sister in-law told me that Peter Rowan was playing in the gym. #

Here is a picture from that show.
Looks like Scott Nygaard on guitar, not sure about the bass player. #That must have been some Christmas concert!

August Watters
Apr-27-2004, 6:49pm
Peter Rowan plays an F-style mandola made by Capek. I spoke to Peter at the Joe Val festival last Feb. in Boston, and he told me the Capek mandola is featured extensively on his new recording with Tony Rice. . .

August Watters

Apr-27-2004, 7:37pm
Peter Rowan plays mandolin very well. Nothing fancy but really nice tone and beautiful musical phrasing. There should be more players that tasteful and reserved.

Apr-27-2004, 11:22pm
Rowan's style on the mandolin & mandola is very Monrovian, IMHO. I think his playing on 'Bluegrass Boy' is great.
I also beleive he had an older Gibson mandola a while back.

Apr-30-2004, 8:16am
seems he had a loar mandola. And usually played a 000-45 guitar or something close to that. Until he did "bluegrass boy" I think He usually played the guitar. But I haven't zeroed in on him. I think He is the best singer Monroe ever had. He matched voices with him and still retains some of that in his music. Lester, Jimmy, Pete those 3 , the best. The album Bluegrss Boy" is a great example of the monroe style without playing monroe tunes. He also did a tribute album using monroe tunes w/ sam bush playing mando, that was 'just wonerful'.

Apr-30-2004, 8:18am
"first whipporwill" was the name of it.

Scotti Adams
Apr-30-2004, 8:27am
..I always thought Del sounded alot like Mun..he matched him really well....I do agree tho that Peter sounds eerily like Mun on alot of things...

Scotti Adams
Apr-30-2004, 8:51am
..I know Tony Rice ended up with Charles old Herringbone...I heard that from guys at Santa Cruz...

Apr-30-2004, 5:04pm
Peter's 000-45 style guitar was a Wayne Henderson.

Apr-30-2004, 7:45pm
AND Iread somewhere who built his mandolin for that bluegrass boy album. I didn't think it was any mentioned so far.

AND ithink pete looks like Monroe at times. Maybe it's just mannerisms hmmm.

May-03-2004, 9:54pm
Peter plays a wicked mandolin. He's a great artist. Can't wait to see him again at RockyGrass in July.