View Full Version : Wow! 5th row front center for Sam Bush

Apr-14-2004, 6:39pm
I sent off for 8 tickets 7 months ago for Sam Bush's performance at Wingate University tomorrow night (April 15). They came in the mail Monday. All 8 are in the center section of row 5! My daughter and her husband are big Sam fans. They think I've paid off somebody to get such awesome seats. #http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

I called the Arts center to see if I could get backstage passes but evidently they aren't issuing any. They said there were some tickets left now but it will probably sell out. If you are near Charlotte, NC-- Wingate U. is about a 30 minute drive east. You can reach the box office of the arts center from the phone number on the website #www.Wingate.edu

Apr-14-2004, 7:52pm
enjoy- he is amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing!

jim simpson
Apr-14-2004, 8:17pm
Row 5! I believe you will be in range of flying perspiration!!

Wm. Joe Batterton
Apr-15-2004, 8:26pm
I saw him in Eureka Springs, AR back in October and he was amazing!! We had 5th row center stage. My wife and daughter both agreed that it was the best show that we ever saw. Have fun.


Apr-16-2004, 1:25pm
It was AMAZING! Sam and his band played for 2 solid hours. He played everything from old time to traditional bluegrass to new grass with a couple of hard rock numbers for good measure. He played fiddle, reso-mandolin, mandolin and electric mandolin. His energy is awesome. He and Brad Davis, his guitar picker, traded licks for a good 10 minutes on one song from his new album. That was unbelievable, both of them rocked! For an encore Sam brought out his old guitar picking buddy Jack Lawrence who is presently picking with Doc Watson. Jack and the band did a bang up rocking version of "I'm sittin On Top Of The World". Sam and Brad traded licks on the first break then, on the second break, Jack cut loose and Sam jumped in playing a harmony line. It was KILLER! Sam gave "hoss" such a good workout that he broke several strings at different times during the show. He didn't miss a beat as he had a standby new Sam Bush Gibson at the ready. Great show!

Apr-16-2004, 1:52pm
excellent! glad you had the great time that we all knew you would. just curious. any noticable difference in sound from hoss to the bush model?

Apr-16-2004, 7:46pm
Not much if any difference ira. Maybe "hoss" seemed a little louder.

It's been 6 or 7 years since I've seen Sam. I thought he was great then but he is even better now. The road manager forgot to bring the merchandise so I'm going to have to order the new CD.