View Full Version : Home recording/PC?

Apr-14-2004, 7:21am
I've noodled a little with a semi-decent oktava mic & preamp into the computer, got some tolerable results.. but I'm wondering what gear.. specifically microphones.. folks out there might be using to record a classic F5 sound?

Apr-14-2004, 7:36am
An AT pro37r works really well for me.

Pete Martin
Apr-14-2004, 12:02pm
I've had very good luck with the Shure KSM44 for mando. A bit spendy but a great mic. Look for them on Ebay, they will be about $100.00 less expensive for a new mic.

May-01-2004, 7:33pm
Roger McGuinn (of the Byrds) has a DVD out at Musician Friends website, on how to do Pro quality recordings with a laptop..

May-01-2004, 11:15pm
Along the line of Pete's KSM44 choice, I really like the cardiod-only version of that mic, the KSM32 (I haven't tried the 44).

I"m not sure if those 2 mics have the same capsules...anyone know?

Anyway, the KSM32 gets the solid and nicely defined F5 woody "woof" that I've always had such a hard time getting with other mics, and I've tried quite a few...

You see them quite often in the States for 350.00 or so lightly used, which is a good bargain for such a useful mic.

May-02-2004, 12:38pm
"I'm not sure if those 2 mics have the same capsules...anyone know?"

I'll answer my own question here...
The KSM44 is NOT the same capsule as the KSM32. #The 32 is a medium diaphram
condenser, while the 44 is a large diaphragm dual
capsule multi-pattern mic.
Supposedly the electroncs are essentially the same, but the capsules are not.

Have to get me one of those 44s....