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Apr-13-2004, 6:05pm
I'm considering a Sumi F5 and would like to hear of other owners experience.

Apr-14-2004, 11:22am

Not an owner, but I recommend you go to FQMS, if you havent already and play Mike Bucayu's Sumi. A great sounding instrument. They should also have some Sullivan's there as well, which are basically the same thing just with their name on it.

Mike McCoy
Apr-14-2004, 12:09pm
Scot is right about Mike's Sumi, it sounded good to me as well. I was at FQMS a couple of weeks ago and they had 4 Sullivans by Sumi and I think 2 with the Sumi name on them.

Apr-14-2004, 1:42pm
Actually...It's the Sullivan I'm looking at. Spoke with Mike yesterday. If I can get one that has the voice his does, I'd be in heaven.

Mike McCoy
Apr-14-2004, 2:53pm
Dont forget that Mike's has seen allot of playing time and you're looking at a new instrument so that needs to be taken into account. Good luck they have quite a selection out at FQMS.

Apr-14-2004, 6:16pm
I currently play a custom Weber Bitteroot that in one year has really opened up plus improved my playing 100%. I plan to keep it for travel. But I want something that has a little more tone and volume. Of course, the nice package helps.

Apr-15-2004, 8:48am
I've had quite a lot of experience with Sumi Mandos. I have
3 of them. #A '99 X-braced F5, a 2000 tone-bar F5 with a one-piece back, and a 2002 tone-bar braced F5. #The 2002 is the best of the lot, followed up by the x-braced model. #Both are
very loud with a dry, woody, throaty tone all the way up the neck. #One thing I did with these mandolins to give them more
depth was to replace Sumi's own lighter and thinner saddle/bridge with a heavier one. #The Randy Wood, First
Quality or Daniel Smith bridge would be an improvement. #The Sullivans, you will note have their own First Quality vintage bridge on their Sulivan/Sumi model. #For the money, Sumi's mandolins are a good value, and an excellent bluegrass mandolin. #They don't have the
darker Gibson sound, but for their type of "modern" F5, they hold up to the competition. #They're good right out of the box.

Apr-16-2004, 11:22am
Well... After tasting the buffet at FQMS, I ended up with a F-5L. It's the woody Gibson sound that I seek. After installing a tonegard and after about 4 hours of jamming last night, it was speaking with authority. Clear tone and excellent volume for a new mando. In 6 months, it ought to be getting really good.