Apr-13-2004, 3:28pm
Bowzette posted this in the OldTime Section earlier. I Just had to go see what all the hollerin and fussin was about.....and what d'ya thunk I find....recorded in 1922...By a Texas Fiddler, one of the oldest existing recordings....of our SALLEY GOODIN!!!! Check out what this fiddler did with our little song back then. Check out the number of variations he goes through in the 3 minutes he plays. Amazing....should hold some ideas for our 6 month check-in....maybe....ya think?

Also some other great early recordings there too...and for ya Deadheads.....you can download live dead shows for free....hehehe...that orta get a response.....some great jugband stuff there too.

Here is the page with Sally Goodin on it: <span style='color:blue'>Sally Goodin-1922 recording</span> (http://www.archive.org/audio/audio-details-db.php?collectionid=Sallygooden&collection=opensource_audio)

This morning, I was driving around, as I sometimes have to...listening to WLRN (NPR)...and there was a spot on cool stuff on the web (maybe someone could tell us the name of that show)...and the coolest thing for today was http://www.archive.org/. Holy HOOTIS! Check it out!!!!! (Course, maybe I'm the last person on the planet to find this resource...and if that's the case, please forgive my exuberance!)

archive.org is AKA the Internet Archive - Universal access to human knowledge. Compendium of all sorts of uploaded material (mostly old public domain stuff...GREAT for my taste!) I could hang around in the music department for awhile. Then again, I could DEFinitely hang around in the book department (see Project Gutenberg). But, I'm really itching to get into the old video stuff...old newsreels...Oh heck...just go check it out.

Sally Goodin-1922 recording (http://www.archive.org/audio/audio-details-db.php?collectionid=Sallygooden&collection=opensource_audio)

I can never get these things in the right place. So there should be two links there. Go check out the archives, I am having a blast thanks to Bowzette!!!