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Jun-21-2006, 5:13pm
I heard Ronnie McCoury is playing a Lloyd Loar F5 these days. I have noticed it has a pickgaurd on it, I guess he has had to adjust his style as his Gilchrist has no pickgaurd on it. Does anyone have any interesting information on his Lloyd Loar , serial no, date ,specifications and restoration as I am a fan of Mr McCoury's playing and so on.

John Jesseph
Jun-21-2006, 8:34pm
I heard it came from Mexico. Seriously.

Jun-22-2006, 2:41am
I heard it came from Mexico as well. I wonder if Ronnie's Loar has an interesting history. If only mandolins could speak. I sure Mr McCoury's does speak

Tim Saxton
Jun-22-2006, 4:01am
It speaks to me real good!!!

Philip Halcomb
Jun-22-2006, 6:00am
I doubt he had to change his style because of a finger rest though. Most of those super pickers like McCoury can play with or without a finger rest.

Darryl Wolfe
Jun-22-2006, 8:43am
See page 72 and 73 of Loar Picture of the Day thread

Jun-22-2006, 9:05am
I heard it came from Mexico as well.
Just like Evangelina, eh?

Anyone know the story here?

Jun-23-2006, 12:42pm
What did he use to record "The Promised Land" ? The new/old Loar or his Gilchrist ?

Jun-24-2006, 9:44pm
He's sporting the Loar in the liner notes if I remember correctly. And I saw him with his Loar around Thanksgiving. If they recorded more recently than this past November, I'd wager he used the Loar

Jun-25-2006, 4:53pm
Evangelina,she was a nice girl , she brought him water in the morning and wine in the evening.What more could a man ask for? A great Hoyt Axton song.

Jun-25-2006, 8:50pm
Just a poor man's daughter

Willie Poole
Jul-08-2006, 9:30pm
I wonder if it has a green card? Willie

Jul-09-2006, 4:03pm
I think this thread has gone Dawgone

Aug-14-2006, 1:15pm
I'm bumping this up so the other person asking about Ronnie's new Loar can see this thread and go to the photos.

Aug-14-2006, 1:18pm
For anyone who has seen Del and family lately, how is Ronnie doing with the Loar? Has he assimilated it into his style?

Ken Berner
Aug-14-2006, 9:17pm
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Aug-15-2006, 5:15pm
I'm bumping this up so the other person asking about Ronnie's new Loar can see this thread and go to the photos.
What photo's?

Aug-15-2006, 10:22pm
Page 72 and 73 of the closed Loar thread above has photos of Ronnie with his Loar and a front and back photo.

big h
Aug-21-2006, 8:19pm
i saw and met Mr. McCoury at a concert.i always ask folks what kind of mandolin they use.he said the one he was playing on stage was his brand new loar (brand new to him) his gilchrist was at the back of the stage incase a string broke.

Aug-21-2006, 11:51pm
The mandolin had been in Mexico for quite a number of years. #It ended up in the hands of an heir who I believe lived in southern California and was a recording engineer, (?) who then put it up for sale. # It went to Steve Gilchrist for repair and restoration after its purchase, as it had a few structural issues. #Its serial number would put it in April 25, 1923 group.