View Full Version : Vintage or modern?

Jim Hilburn
Jun-08-2006, 3:35pm
There's not much to go on here, especially with the loss of quality with the scan, but this photo is in the current copy of Vintage Guitar Magazine and the caption is all you get. The article is for fathers day and features several dads and sons.
So is it a Loar or a recent re-issue? And how about the Strat?

Jerry Byers
Jun-08-2006, 3:45pm
Is it a Gibson?

Jim Hilburn
Jun-08-2006, 3:57pm
I'm 99.9% sure it's Gibson, but I had to refer to a peghead in the Loar thread to verify it. I'm using a magnifying glass on it. It looks just like a Loar "G" but that guitar sure is in the way. It's hard to tell if the peghead is bound, but it's against that white couch background.

Jerry Byers
Jun-08-2006, 4:02pm
When you blow it up, it does look like a "G" inbetween the other peghead and tuner button. It doesn't look bound - could be a F-5G.

Ken Waltham
Jun-08-2006, 6:27pm
I sure do not think that's a Loar. Not even the overexposed photo makes the finish look at all right...

Jun-08-2006, 10:02pm
It looks like an f-5g custom with a bound neck I saw that some one had them for sale like that last year. i am pretty sure that the gutar is a Foley those are great guitars.

Rick Turner
Jun-09-2006, 1:03am
The old guy is vintage; the young guy is modern.

Darryl Wolfe
Jun-09-2006, 11:45am
I'm with Ken. Only the early 23's had a burst that large, and then the edges would not be that dark. Only if the color is radically shifted could there be a chance. Besides, I think the old codger would keep the pickguard on it if it were. Hard to say on the Strat, looks early 60's, but so do the new ones.

Philip Halcomb
Jun-09-2006, 1:47pm
Looks too clean to me, my vote is that if it is a Gibson it's a Gibson F-5G Custom. Perhaps one of the ones with the red spruce top that one of the retailers was unloading recently.

Ken Berner
Jun-10-2006, 9:06am
What happened to the pickguard?