View Full Version : Good Luthier/Repair Man in NYC area

Jun-08-2006, 12:06am
so i have this wonderful 1914 Gibson A that i just got. Sounds killer with no cracks and everything original except the bridge.

however, i would like the bridge (modern, ebony adjustable loar style) fit a little better to the top and perhaps some new, larger frets.

anyone know of a good person in the NYC area?


Jun-08-2006, 9:28am
Start with a call to Mandolin Brothers on Staten Island.

Jim Garber
Jun-08-2006, 3:47pm
In Brooklyn:
Bob Jones: 718-965-6786
Steve Uhrik: 718-237-2532

I have used them both. Both highly recommended.

Tom Crandall at Matt Umanov's is also excellent (in Manhattan): 212-675-2157


Jun-08-2006, 3:51pm
i second jgarber. bob and steve are both excellent choices.

just got a martin back from bob and just stepped in the door from steve's place (www.musurgia.com)and took my friend along. we played on all the great instruments there for the last three hours and steve even came and fiddled with us for a few. what a great place. got to play lefty frizell's guitar too!


Avi Ziv
Jun-08-2006, 4:40pm
I've had work done at Mandolin Brothers and they are good. However, most of the time there is a long waiting - could be months. I did have some good work done at larkstreetmusic though - a partial refret. Nice and clean and done in one week. Cool store to visit - that's for sure!


Jun-08-2006, 4:53pm
mucho gracias!

Jun-08-2006, 5:10pm
...... got to play lefty frizell's guitar too!


Uh, is Lefty Frizell really left-handed?


Rick Turner
Jun-08-2006, 5:34pm
Also Flip Scipio in Brooklyn. He used to run Mando Bros. repair department. He's funny as can be as well as being a great luthier.

Jun-08-2006, 5:42pm
Going to Mandolin Bros. for a set-up is like going to a car dealership for an oil change.
I know that MB is a 'respected' outfit ... but only for the well heeled among us. Time was when they
were referred to as "Fourty Thieves". Being an ex-Brooklynite, I can attest the the abilities of Bob Jones.


Jun-08-2006, 5:50pm
my bad. it sounds like there are many better options.
thanks for the info, folks.

Jun-09-2006, 7:32am
well stated fish. i don't go there unless i'm prepared to drop some major dough.

to answer brunello - lefty was seemingly not a lefty. at least his guitar was a righty. then again, i am a lefty who plays righty - perhaps he was too... in any case the guitar is only going for $350,000...