View Full Version : 1924 Snakehead Jr all cleaned up !

Jun-06-2006, 10:17pm
Just got my mando back from the nice people at Gibson Bluegrass.....WOW !!! They installed an adjustable bridge, new Gibson tail piece, re-fret, and french polish. Also put "The Gibson" in pearl on the head stock. I am extremely impressed with the work they did on this mando....I will get some pics up soon.


Jun-07-2006, 11:55am
Sounds cool - please do post something.

Jun-09-2006, 1:56pm
I'd be interested to see how that turned out. I'm a big snakehead fan myself. I've got a '25 Gobson AJr.

Jun-10-2006, 9:57am
Im very interested in seeing it also. I recently acquired a stripped (done before I got it) 1924 snakehead Ajr and am now having it re-finished, pearl inlay placed on the headstock, and set-up with a radiused fretboard, larger frets, allen tailpiece and a brekke bridge. i play irish music so Im hoping when done this mando will have the best of both the "old" and "new" . Im new to this board, having taken up the mando about 4 months ago. I also have a Custom Weber Bitterroot oval hole.