View Full Version : I got my mandolin uploaded for listening

Apr-12-2004, 1:51pm
lets see if I can put the link here

this is my bowlback greek mandolin and recording with friends no name for band, thinking "nova something or other"

Jim Garber
Apr-12-2004, 2:26pm
Give us a clue. I would love to hear your tune. The link was to the mandolinprojects page. Are you sure that it is up there? I don't see your name on the Miscellaneous Musing page. Is that where we should look?

Let us know,

Apr-12-2004, 2:41pm
sorry I dunno and I gotta go....I think, look under files, groups, you can search by member name (sshuniak) I seem to have dissappeared...

Jim Garber
Apr-12-2004, 2:44pm
Hi Jeff:
Now I see them. Maybe it was just put up?

I will listen later.


Jim Garber
Apr-12-2004, 3:38pm
Now I see them and now i don't. About 30 minutes a go I checked and saw three tunes under your name, Jeff, on this page (http://www.mandolinproject.150m.com/misc.html). I clicked on all of them and got an error page, saying the file could not be found.

Now I do not see the files listed at all. A real mystery.


Apr-13-2004, 8:17am
maybe they took them off, someone from there emailed me, there was was bad data in the copywright info... it may be an encoding thing.. we are working on it.

Apr-13-2004, 8:54am
it seems my whole membership is gone,, I give up,, uncle.... I hate computers...

I almost have enough to make it worth mailing so ... soon..
you know I figure at first, I dont want to shove anything down anyone's throat, so the computer is cool, if you want, you can click and listen... and I dont really think of this as being worth much, so I like the casual aspect of it.. but its proving to be such a waste of time, I dont do well with these things, I play, I record, I go away you know.. Yeh I dont like it anymore, I just want to mail anyone a CD who wants or cares to hear it.

Jim Garber
Apr-13-2004, 4:53pm
Hey Jeff. Very frustrating. They sound like interesting pieces, one I recall is greek (I think).

If you want to burn a CD of the mp3s and mail it to me I would be glad to give a listen -- maybe I could post them for you.

Say, that brings up another possibility: possibly doing an "inhouse" casual recording of the folks in this "classical" section. I have heard many of the pros but not us amateurs. I think i could host a few mp3s.

Anybody game?