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Scotti Adams
May-28-2006, 8:31am
...So far so good....Ive still got some final sanding to do but I had to get it together cuz I have a gig today..total time..about an hour..so far....tools....trusty ol Dremel with a barrel sander attached....

Scotti Adams
May-28-2006, 8:32am
another view

Scotti Adams
May-28-2006, 8:33am
..last one

Scotti Adams
May-28-2006, 8:36am
..thanks...Ive still got to sand a little on it to remove the final traces of the fret slots...but Im happy with it. Talk about nervous going into it...lol

Baron Collins-Hill
May-28-2006, 10:03am
did you do that without taking off the strings?

looks nice, good work done.


May-28-2006, 2:06pm
If he did it with out taking off strings, that would be one of the best feats performed on a mando in years http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif


Bob DeVellis
May-28-2006, 2:59pm
Did you do anything special to avoid tearing up the binding? It looks nice and clean.

May-28-2006, 5:27pm
Great job, Scotti! Now we are going to be waiting for the pictures of the mando you're building. Looks like you may be coming down with luthieritis. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif

Scotti Adams
May-28-2006, 5:36pm
...The only glitch I encountered was that the friction from the barrel sander actually melted the binding causing it to discolor in a few places. I used a razor blade to scrape these areas clean. Yes I did it with the strings on...but the bridge was removed and the strings placed to either side of the fretboard. I think my next job will be removing the finish off the neck. Thanks for the kudoz guys. Oh..one other problem I had was that I think those last few frets must have been glued in...they were tough to pull...which I did by the way with a pair of side cutters that I got from Kibler Lumber...they worked perfect...so what I did was put another bit in the Dremel..one of the stone grinders...started grinding on the fret...this caused enough heat to soften the glue and then they pulled easily.

Gibson A5
May-28-2006, 6:10pm
Great job. You used the exact same tools I use when I do it, great going.
Bill P.

J. Mark Lane
May-28-2006, 6:38pm
Although I own a Dremel set, it never occurred to me to use it when I scooped the three or four extensions that I have scooped. I did them all with small hand tools. No burning bindings, and it is much easier to control your work with hand tools. The only power tool I used was a small trim sander with a very light grit sandpaper for the final smoothing of the scooped area.

I did not do any of mine with the strings on, and seriously do not recommend it.

Nothing against Scotti -- it's his mando and his way works for him. Just a thought or two for others who might be thinking of trying it. I have a bunch of photos somewhere of doing some of these, and once upon a time I posted a thread here with some of them. Too lazy to look for it.

May-28-2006, 7:00pm
Looks good Scotti, by the way the surgery went well but had some complications yesterday and had to go to the ER. All is well today but I will be off work for a while. Good luck with the gig.

Scotti Adams
May-28-2006, 7:45pm
Great Darrin..Im glad to hear that things are going better for you..I will try to hold things down at DHL while you are gone..and to clarify..the binding thing was no big whoop...it actually came down at the same rate as the ebony...it just had some discoloration and I stated before it cleaned up well with the razor-blade. Actually Frank Ford uses a Dremel but he uses a router bit with a straight edge used as a depth guage. I just took my time with the barrel sander and Im quite happy with it. And..the strings being on never was a problem...they were out of the way.....I see no sense in taking them off. Like J.Mark said..it worked for me...different strokes for different folks.

May-30-2006, 3:21am
Hey, You did agood job on the scoop,When I did mine I took the strings off, Wrap a towel around the neck to keep dust off the finish, While I was doing it I inlaid a gold letter in mine, You can buy these at a jewlry store,It adds a nice touch, Just use your dremel to inlay it[like a fret marker]save the dust to fill in around it when you glue it in with super glue.

Kevin K
May-30-2006, 7:17am
What mandolin is this?

Scotti Adams
May-30-2006, 7:30am
Its BRW #11

May-30-2006, 7:45am
looks like a good job- i would be scared to do something like that myself.
not a hijack so one anwer would be fine,-just curious- why scoop? it seems that many 'f' mandos are scooped- why make the fretboard that long if folks don't want frets there anyway?

Scotti Adams
May-30-2006, 8:06am
Ira..thats the age ol' question. On the mandos that I have had custom built Ive opted for the full fingerboard because I like the looks of the more traditional board but I dont like the pick click....on this particular mando the "sweet spot" was right over the the extension....so I had to scoop it. You will probably find most "sweet spots" in this area for whatever reason.

Salty Dog
May-30-2006, 8:04pm
Scotti, the "sweet spot" on BRW #12 is in exactly the same spot. #We may have discovered a small bit of BRW chronological history here as #12 came factory "scooped" or "scalloped" with white plastic fillers in the fret slots to maintain the visual effect of the fingerboard extension. #With a low action, you still get "pick click", which is why my second BRW#xx (currently in the spray booth) will have no extension at all. ##12 will not be up for sale as it will remain my main mando while #xx opens up and then be the backup.

Scotti Adams
May-30-2006, 8:49pm
Hey Salty,

I would love to get together sometime and compare....this mando is a great sounding box....each day I pick it up she has a new voice..and I love it....the more I play her she just seems to react...and like you mentioned...the history is interesting..I havent built this mando up in the press like I have other mandos in the past because some people wouldnt understand....but I will say...its right up there with the best of them in all forms.

Salty Dog
Jun-02-2006, 9:44pm
#12 is the same way - different every day but always coming through perfectly after a proper warm-up. #I said it once before on this forum but I truly believe there is a "BRW sound" that you have to hear to understand, just as there is #"Gibson sound". #We live a ways apart (I'm in upstate NY) and an ailing wife keeps me close to home but I really would like to meet Ben (you don't live so far from him), so someday perhaps we can meet.