View Full Version : Geijer #2

Magnus Geijer
May-27-2006, 2:40pm
Well, two and a half, I guess, but still. I started building #2 at the same time I started #1, so I made several mistakes twice, before I knew them for what they were. Kinda happy with it anyway, though, although perfection is still far off.


Magnus Geijer
May-27-2006, 2:42pm
The back got more and more pedestrian the more i carved it, but I'm somewhat fond of the end look anyway. Sides are poplar and soaked up the stain very evenly, which is why they look almost completely black.

Magnus Geijer
May-27-2006, 2:43pm
And a last one, with #1.

May-27-2006, 3:04pm
Those look really cool. Nice mix of elements for a jazzy style.


Bill Snyder
May-27-2006, 4:32pm
Hard to tell on a computer screen so I will ask, is the top finish almost white or is that just a really light piece of spruce with a clear finish?
Either way it looks good.

Magnus Geijer
May-29-2006, 7:53am
Thank you!
The top is solid white, or off-white, really. Seems like my camera puts a blue tint to all pictures lately. It also has tortoise binding, which you really can't tell from theses pictures.