View Full Version : Kelley mandolin #016

Skip Kelley
May-26-2006, 11:51am
Here is a few pics of one I recently finished. It has an Italian spruce top, hard maple back, sides and neck. It has single ply tortise binding on the body, with ebony body points. No binding on the peghead or fretboard. I finished this with an oil varnish.

Skip Kelley
May-26-2006, 11:53am
Here is another.

Skip Kelley
May-26-2006, 11:55am
And another.

Skip Kelley
May-26-2006, 11:58am
Last one. Resting in it's case.

May-26-2006, 12:07pm
Nice job!
Pretty wood, nice warm color. I like the understated look.
(Sound good?)

May-26-2006, 12:13pm
Nice !!!! I agree with John, GREAT color !!
Skip, you always have such kind and encouraging words for everyone here and that is a wonderful thing. We ALL thank you for that........

Good Job Skip !!

Lane Pryce
May-26-2006, 12:20pm
Skip that is terrific!! Is that the one you told me about? It looks great. It looks right at home in that Eastman case as well, whole lot of case for the $$ too. Lp

May-26-2006, 12:31pm
Skip, that is a nice mandolin! I love the color. Very nice wood. How does it sound? Is this one sold yet?

Skip Kelley
May-26-2006, 12:33pm
Thanks guys for the nice compliments! It sounds great; exactly what I wanted. A real nice midrange to it. Not too much bass or treble. Nice and even. I like the simple look of a mandolin with less ornamentation and wanted to do one. This one is not sold yet.

Austin Clark
May-26-2006, 12:56pm
I like the color, also! Very nice, Skip. Is it straight oil varnish, or did you french polish over it?

Gail Hester
May-26-2006, 1:22pm
Wow, very nice Skip. The color and binding treatment work perfectly, I love it.

May-26-2006, 1:24pm
That looks great Mr. Kelley. Will that be at Roanoke this year?

May-26-2006, 1:26pm
Beautiful burst. I really like the way that you feathered it in. Very subdued, NICE!! Over-all, great looking piece.

Skip Kelley
May-26-2006, 1:26pm
It is a straight oil varnish. I can't make it to Roanoke this year; we have other plans.

May-26-2006, 2:37pm
Wow, Skip!!! I really, really like the look of that mandolin. I have always liked the colors of yours - nice bursts without hiding the wood grain. That one is just beautiful. Maybe understated, but VERY elegant. I just can't say enough. Truly beautiful!

Have a great weekend!

Shane http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif

I'd love to see more pictures of it, if you have any. Closeups of the peghead, scroll, and especially the back and those sides. The sides are very striking to me.

May-26-2006, 5:11pm
Skip, thats a beaut there buddy. :cool:

Stephanie Reiser
May-26-2006, 7:03pm
A great looking instrument, Skip. #16 already? My gosh, where has the time flown to. Seems like just yesterday you were finishing Lil' Creekster's which was #11, I think.
I love the colors. Beautiful!

Bill Snyder
May-26-2006, 7:23pm
Beautiful wood with a wonderful looking stain and finsh job.

Aug-09-2006, 11:10am
I currently own this mandolin.

Am very happy with it. As skip described, the the midrange and sustain is excellently developed for such a new instrument. The bass, while understated, still has a nice clear pop/cut which i am sure will develop with age. The coloring and finish is nicely done and very unique. Only things i am considering doing to it are changing the tail peice to a one peice (any suggestions?). and maybe putting in a different more ornate truss rod cover (any suggestions) - skip - is this a standard size?


Skip Kelley
Aug-09-2006, 11:41am
Yes, that is a standard size. I hope you enjoy playing the mandolin! Best wishes!