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Apr-10-2004, 6:20pm
my partner and i were in the market for a p.a. to play some small to mid size rooms (bars/coffehouses), and as usual lack of funds came into play. a friend clued us in to the kustom system linked below, and after reading specs and reviews we bought it.
we just got it, and though we haven't used it at a club, we brought it to the conference center at the school where we both work. we brought in a ton of kids and staff, and with the people, and in a room that is bigger than most bars we would play, with terrible acoustics and high/vault ceilings and lots of windows to boot- wow!!!!!!!!!! lots of options great sound and the price is unbeatable. if you need a p.a., don't play huge rooms, and don't have lots of cash (with tax-220). this may be for you. just thought i'd share.


ps- though the mando was certainly hearable, it didn't have the output of my partners guitar (he has a preamp)-so, i would like to get a preamp.=-anyone use one of those pocket/belt attachment types? i like the idea of not heading over anywhere to change my volume.- i have a mcintyre feather in case that matters.

May-04-2004, 7:07am
thought i would chime in and review this system now that we used it at a bar playing out. quite impressive. so easy, that even i can set it up. there was a jack in the back so we could tape our performance, and more than enough sound, we barely turned it up and we were plenty loud.

if you are a one or two man show, or only play smaller venues (though there is output to hook to other speakers/amps as well if you wish), this thing is inexpensive, easy to use, and has clear and powerful sound capability.

highly recommended.


ps- for a preamp (see query above) went with the baggs gigpro- plenty of boost, clear signal, easy to change volume on the fly, and to tone down my highs/increase lows when playing rythm for a partner's guitar solos. quite happy with it so far along with the feather pickup.

May-04-2004, 9:55am
Thanks again for the tip ira, I didn't make a note of it the first time & couldn't find it later when I looked, now I got it written down.