View Full Version : Fraternal twins?

May-17-2006, 3:08pm
Fabulous!!! I haven't had a chance to play an OM with f holes yet... would love to hear what that's like...

gorgeous pair.

May-17-2006, 3:39pm
Show us some closeups, it's hard to see the details like the wood binding in those small pics!

Nice pair.


May-17-2006, 3:50pm
Perhaps a better photo of the "twins". Mandos by our own John "Sunburst" Hamlett with the octave top by Bruce "Spruce" Harvey. The octave really has a voice.

May-17-2006, 4:00pm
It is statrting to rain here, so no more photos today. The bindings, peghead overlays, fretboards and finger-rests are all Brazilian rosewood done to John's usual standard of excellence. The truss rod covers are tortoise.

Adam Tracksler
May-19-2006, 5:58am
lucky you, i have the Oval Hole F. It just gets better and better!