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May-14-2006, 12:26pm
Just purchased a Merill bowl-back on eBay; it has a spruce top with ivoroid and wood binding/purfling, mahogany neck, rosewood headstock overlay, and an aluminum "bowl," engraved with vines & leaves. "The Merrill" is inlaid in the headstock in aluminum. I would be interested in information regarding Merrill instruments and aluminum mandos in general. Instrument plays nicely, good bright sound, and the price was right (less than $250). I would guess nineteen-teens or twenties for the vintage.

May-14-2006, 3:16pm
Those are actually pretty neat. I've seen a few, never owned one. There's a mention of the mandolin here. (http://www.mandolincafe.com/archives/article.html) I think there might be some other mention of these in one of the books I have, I'll have to look.

May-14-2006, 9:32pm
Found some info about Merrill from Mike Holmes ("Mugwumps Online"):Aluminum instrument article (http://www.mugwumps.com/aluminum.htm)

This info indicates an earlier date for the mandolin, as Merrill's company, Aluminum Musical Instruments, apparently went out of business in a flurry of lawsuits in 1898.

May-14-2006, 9:47pm
Allen and all:

Here's the link to the Mugwumps article:



Jim Garber
May-14-2006, 9:55pm
Another Cafe member just bought one from Bernunzio. Read about it here (http://www.mandolincafe.net/cgi-bin/ikonboard.cgi?act=ST;f=15;t=34657).