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Apr-09-2004, 9:39pm
I went into my local music store and wanted a mandolin. #being a bit put off at the range of prices these instruments encompass, i decided on going under two-hundred dollars. i saw rogues, kentuckys, new yorker pros, bean blossoms, johnsons, and then this hideous headstock caught my eye. #it was the dean playmate tennessean ae model a style with a volume and tone knob mounted electric guitar style but no apparent pick-up. #later i find it's piezeo in the bridge. #it is set-up from the factory intonation is perfect and my only conplaint was strings. i bought a set of elixr lights and put on it. #needless to say the thing was so butt ugly (headstock) i just made a ridiculous offer to the manager of a hundred dollars out the door. #maybe he was hurting that day or hated the thing but i own it for that price and it's really a nice mandolin to learn on and sounds great through my line6 spider2 amp. #having bored you with this now the question, which other mandolin's come from the same plant in china and should i feel this good or am i just crazy?

John Flynn
Apr-09-2004, 10:58pm
Hey, if you got a good one for $100, more power to ya. I am sure it will be great to learn on and will make a great beater later on. I learned on a mando probably not even as good as that one. Plus you've got the pickup thing going on. Enjoy!

As far as what plants in China they come out of, who knows? You really couldn't draw any conclusions even if you did know. Another mando from the same factory may or may not be any good and brands seem to move thier production around all the time anyway.

Apr-09-2004, 11:21pm
i just got thru at the video page of co-mando and the rigels are to die for what a tone

Apr-10-2004, 6:34pm
gotta watch where i am, sorry meant to post the pic instead