View Full Version : Rigel Comet

Peter Mix
May-12-2006, 1:58pm
Take me with a grain of salt, but this is the coolest mandolin I've ever seen.....

Peter Mix
May-12-2006, 2:05pm
and another shot, sans duct tape....

Peter Mix
May-12-2006, 2:14pm
not only was that sans duct tape, but also sans Comet....
trying again.....

May-12-2006, 2:30pm
Very pretty! You know, i'm weird, but my favourite Rigel look is still the A natural. Every once in a while one shows up in "that auction site" and i feel sorely tempted.

Bill Snyder
May-12-2006, 10:15pm
Mr. Mix,
Looks to me like you need to modify the case just a bit.