View Full Version : Bar or "T" frets in '17?

Mark in Nevada City
Apr-09-2004, 7:11pm
Which does my '17 F4 have?

Thanks, mmm

Apr-10-2004, 11:00am
If you have the original frets, they are T frets. Probably with little barbs formed on the tangs by little cuts on the bottom edge as tho they were taped with a wedge shaped object.

I've never seen bar frets in a Gibson instrument. Has anyone out there?

Apr-10-2004, 9:28pm

I'm having the first 7 frets of my '17 A-1 replaced, and the original frets are "t" frets. I was fortunate enough to have someone here on the cafe give me some salvaged frets from an A-2 they were refetting. I believe the old Martins and probably others had bar frets. The builder doing the work on my A-1 is working on and old Martin, and he's thinking about just turning the bar frets on that one over and dressing them.