View Full Version : Shirt Tail Boogie for mando?.

Fred Keller
May-11-2006, 9:07pm
Trying to learn this Fred Cockerham tune on the mando and would appreciate any tips. Fred plays it with his banjo tuned to Ab so I moved it down to G.

I've got a rudimentary melody line down but I'm trying to work in the low drones which Fred can do since he's using 2-3 fingers. It's a bit of a bear using only a pick.

Anybody ever tackle something like this? Any tips, shortcuts, or techniques to pass on?

Absolutely killer tune, though. If I can nail it, it'll sound fantastic--very moody, old and bluesy.

Tom Mylet
May-14-2006, 6:40pm

I love Fred Cockerham and got to play with him a few times. I'm not familiar with the tune. Where could I find it? Tom

Fred Keller
May-14-2006, 7:24pm

Check out the offerings from www.fieldrecorder.com. I bought the 2004 set recently and it is absolutely wonderful. Fred's CD is one of those.