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John Sawatzky
May-10-2006, 9:36pm
Here are photos of my new baby. Gary Komoski is a builder in Manitoba, Canada. This is #41 in a combination of guitars and mandolins he has built. I hope to have this one in my hands next week sometime.

John Sawatzky
May-10-2006, 9:38pm
GWK peghead

John Sawatzky
May-10-2006, 9:39pm
GWK front.

May-10-2006, 10:30pm
Already looks a hundred years old.

Gonna be a really nice one.


Stephen Cagle
Dec-06-2010, 11:58am
John. The mandolin looks like it would sound pretty good. (That sounded funny.:))) I went to his site and at a few angles you can see that Gary builds them with a pretty thin top, ~That's good. Is the mandolin pretty precussive with a good chop? It looks really nice and old. Nice finish. :grin:

Dec-06-2010, 2:17pm
John, that mandolin sounds like it would look pretty good. (That sounds even worse).
It's nice, actually, and I hope you get years of pleasure from it.

Bill Snyder
Dec-06-2010, 4:34pm
Thread is 4 1/2 years old and he never posted finished photos. :(

Dec-06-2010, 4:55pm
Is that the one for sale in the classifieds?

Dec-06-2010, 5:16pm
Yup. Hmmm?

Dec-07-2010, 1:05am

While we're on the topic of mandolins with three letter names.....

What is Ben making for you now?