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Gavin Baird
May-09-2006, 6:30pm
This is the first of five...The top

Gavin Baird
May-09-2006, 6:32pm
The side view...

Gavin Baird
May-09-2006, 6:33pm
The back....

Gavin Baird
May-09-2006, 6:37pm
Top is European Spruce and the back is European Curly Maple, the finish is Varnish and the inlay is the "Sun Flower"..James tail piece All wood binding ..Gavin

Alex Fields
May-09-2006, 6:45pm
Pretty. How much are you selling those for?

May-09-2006, 6:51pm
Very nice! I think that the ridge on the back looks really nice on A models.

May-09-2006, 7:04pm
Beatutiful Gavin. I'm sure it'll open up very well and people won't be able to say, "looks great but still sounds kinda green." The sunflower inlay is very pretty.


May-09-2006, 7:11pm
Looks like a green apple! The kind that really looks cool on stage.


J. Mark Lane
May-09-2006, 7:44pm
Beautiful, Gavin! More pics, please! You and Dale are really doing great stuff with finishes.

Gavin Baird
May-09-2006, 8:14pm
2nd. of five...A Peter Ostroushko Edition..Top

Gavin Baird
May-09-2006, 8:15pm
Side View

Gavin Baird
May-09-2006, 8:16pm

Gavin Baird
May-09-2006, 8:19pm
Top; Englemann Spruce, Back and sides Big Leaf Maple..Orcas Island Bruce, Allen tail piece and wood binding.

Gavin Baird
May-09-2006, 8:22pm
Third of Five and last for a while Modified Peter O A4..Top

Gavin Baird
May-09-2006, 8:23pm

Gavin Baird
May-09-2006, 8:25pm
Back....Englemann Spruce and Big Leaf Maple, Orcas Island naturally, Allen tail piece and wood binding..G

May-09-2006, 8:28pm
Those all look really beautiful. How would you compare the tone of shortnecked oval hole mandos with an elevated fretboard with those with a traditional glued to the top board (like a A4)? Do you get more sustain? balance? Number 3 of 5 makes me want to forget ever buying a teens Gibson oval hole!


Gavin Baird
May-09-2006, 8:43pm
A friend of mine had a '23 Gibson F4 and while it was a fine instrument in many ways it really doesn't, in my opinion, compare with an elevated F/B. Since my hearingis not too good I have to rely on those who know instruments and hear well. The instruments do appear to have enhanced sustain although there are perhaps other reasons for that. I always thought that the restriction of the top in that area seemed to deprive the sound of upper register harmonics..only an opinion...Gavin

Kevin Briggs
May-09-2006, 8:47pm
Looks very nice, Gavin. I can't wait to hear one someday.

May-09-2006, 10:08pm
That first one needs to be called "The Granny Smith" model. Definitely reminds one of a Granny Smith apple!

Beautiful instruments!


Skip Kelley
May-10-2006, 6:19am
Awesome! There is something really cool about A models!!

May-11-2006, 8:13pm
ok, I'll take a green oval hole in a lefty.....ok?

May-11-2006, 8:58pm
The green one sure is beautiful.

Gavin Baird
May-25-2006, 2:01pm
Rather bad photographs...A5 Top, European Spruce, wood binding, Varnish and 'James" tailpiece

Gavin Baird
May-25-2006, 2:03pm
A5 Back, European Maple..

Ted Eschliman
May-25-2006, 3:12pm
Ohhhhh, my!

Now that got my attention!...

Gavin Baird
May-25-2006, 3:34pm
While the pictures are really of poor quality, I should mention that these five, as played by some of the best here in Winnipeg, "Are Not For The Faint Of Heart"..so I am told...G

May-26-2006, 3:57pm
Gavin - I didn't see and mandolas on your website. Do you make any of those ? Or just guitars and mandolins ?

Gavin Baird
May-26-2006, 4:01pm
Just Mandolins and Guitars...sorry...Gavin

Gavin Baird
May-26-2006, 4:06pm
I have been asked to supply some better photos...I am not a very good photographer..any way here are some that are a little better..Gavin
Top view..Englemann Spruce from Orcas..

Gavin Baird
May-26-2006, 4:07pm
Back View

Gavin Baird
May-26-2006, 4:09pm
Full Back..Big Leaf Maple from Orcas; Finished in Spirit Varnish and "James Tail Piece...g

Gavin Baird
May-26-2006, 4:11pm
Last one ...Head Stock.."Sun Flower Inlay"

May-26-2006, 4:24pm
Very nice. I like red. And, I gotta say again, I just love that inlay.

Paula http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif

May-27-2006, 7:33am
my wife says I can have one if you make it a daisy(her favorite flower)instead of a sunflower. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Gavin Baird
May-27-2006, 8:48am
No problem, my wife does the art work and she said OK...G

May-27-2006, 2:28pm
oh hey gavin.....

what are doing - showing my mandolin to these fools!!!

May-27-2006, 10:25pm
# # # # No problem, my wife does the art work and she said OK...G
Did I mention I was also a lefty? http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Gavin Baird
May-28-2006, 8:38am
Drybones....No problem...Gavin