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May-09-2006, 6:17pm
My grandpa found a Ligna Mandolin at a flea market here and I would like to know more about it. I already goodled the name. Here is what I got so far:
Made in Czechoslovakia
Pair shaped flat top mando.
Ply wood back for sure and most likely top but the edge of the sound hole is painted so I can't tell. Even with the ply wood it sounds super good and woody.
It has a slotted headstock with tuners going back.
It does not have any communist markings so I think it is pre-1930s at least.
It is an oval hole with a swoopy fret board extention.
Around the hole is a black section wiht a flower and stem painted on.
A one piece bridge and tail piece.
Thats all I got. So if you have seen one or can date it any closer I'd appriciate it. This mando is the one I learned on and once I got an F I never played it again until yesterday. It needs a fret job bad and new strings which are coming in soon but after that it'll be my gypsy jazz machine even if I don't know anything about it.
Isaac Strap

May-09-2006, 6:49pm
Update... I went for a lovely search of the mando cafe and found a Lignatone bowlback. Made in Czech. With the exact same head stock, swoopy fingerboard extention, tailpiece, and paint around the sound hole. So there you go.

May-15-2006, 6:13pm
If no one has any info on this I'll let it go. A pic of my Ligna is below. My Dad took it for the weekend and it got a fret job, new strings and screws in the tail piece to replace the failing nails. It's soundin' good. Thanks for looking anyways,
Isaac Strap