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Bob DeVellis
May-09-2006, 4:30pm
Here are some pictures of the Richard Beard mandolin I picked up this past weekend. I'll let the images speak for themselves here and will write a review in another thread.

Here's a shot of the front, Engelman spruce top; ebony neck adjustable bridge and trussrod cover; bound top and soundhole; rosewood veneer headstock; abalone position markers; and pearl star inlay in headstock:

Bob DeVellis
May-09-2006, 4:32pm
Here's the back. Indian rosewood. The neck is mahogany. The tuners are Grovers.

Bob DeVellis
May-09-2006, 4:34pm
The instrument has some nice, subtle visual details. Here's a shot of the edge of the headstock showing the use of a thin pale-colored layer of wood between the mahogany substrate and the roewood overlay.

Bob DeVellis
May-09-2006, 4:36pm
Here's another detail: the butt. Notice the attractive contrasting woods under the Allen tailpiece.

Bob DeVellis
May-09-2006, 4:38pm
I'm very, very pleased with this instrument. I'll write a more complete review under the Celtic section, because I think readers there will be especially interested in this instrument. I'll cross-link the two threads once bothe are in place. Here's a link to the review.
Review (http://www.mandolincafe.net/cgi-bin/ikonboard.cgi?act=ST;f=5;t=34545)

May-09-2006, 5:21pm
I last saw one of these listed for sale here several years ago by the maker, that I inquired about - he had lowered the price to something like $900 to get it sold. Maybe this is the same instrument? Probably more than $900 now, though. Even though I've never seen (firsthand) or heard one, I've often regretted not taking it.... I'm envious.

Bob DeVellis
May-09-2006, 5:44pm

This one's brand new and, yes, more than $900. I think he's only made about a dozen of this particular model, although he's mad a bunch of bouzoukis and some mandolins in other styles.

Jim Garber
May-09-2006, 8:12pm
Interesting, Bob. I checked his site. Tho, isn't this an SM model?

SM Model: Traditional teardrop shape

DM Model: Two offset points in style of 1920's


Bob DeVellis
May-09-2006, 8:18pm
Jim: Interesting. The label actually says DM.