View Full Version : My new Rob Anderson case

G. Fisher
May-06-2006, 8:34am
Rob built me a double case to fit my Eclipse and my other mandos. Rob takes the time to get all the info he needs to made the case the way you want it.

G. Fisher
May-06-2006, 8:38am

John M. Riley
May-06-2006, 11:21am
nice case....rob made me a similar one about 6 months ago

May-06-2006, 12:10pm
Wow! Does it come with Sherpas?


May-06-2006, 12:29pm
prices good? I would like to have a fiddle mando case.

G. Fisher
May-07-2006, 12:53am
$300.00 but Rob mentioned there may be an increase . Check with him for exact pricing he is great to work with. His e-mail is robanderson316@lycos.com

He is also making some cool mando armrests. I'll add a picture later.

May-07-2006, 10:53am
Kidding aside, how much does it weigh when empty and what are the deminsions. It looks really cool.


John M. Riley
May-07-2006, 12:11pm
his double cases are surprisingly light compared to 2 other double cases hat ive had

G. Fisher
May-07-2006, 8:53pm
The case is 35" x 20" x 4.75" and weighs about 18 lbs. with mandos in it.

jim simpson
May-08-2006, 9:50pm
Hey Greg,
Nice case cover choice, I like it! I have been happy with the double case that Rob made for me (tweed). I don't find the weight of the case with 2 mandos to be bad at all. It sure is convenient to have one case to carry to a gig.
Best of luck with it.

G. Fisher
May-08-2006, 10:18pm
Thanks Jim,

I found the material at local store and sent it to Rob. That is another nice thing about his cases. If you find a material you like you can send a sample to him to test and if it works he'll use it.