View Full Version : What's my '22 Ajr worth?

Apr-28-2006, 10:55am
Hi all. I'll be selling my '22 Ajr for no other reason than I'm a guitar player with little time to learn a new instrument. (Took me only 2 yrs to accept this!)

It's all original (except the bridge which was a Gruhn's replacement that is era appropriate), and is in great shape with typical cosmetic wear for an instrument this age. No case, but a nice back pack gig bag.

I may well put it up on the Cafe for sale, but wondering what all of the knowlegable and fair minded folks here think it's worth?

If interested, please email me @ hicksrobert@comcast.net


May-05-2006, 3:15am
can you post a picture or two? Roughly $900-$1200

May-05-2006, 5:31pm
Thanks Dan. I listed it in the classifieds and Scott was good enough to resize the (soon to be posted) picture.