View Full Version : New Brentrup almost done

Apr-22-2006, 3:50pm
here's a pic of my soon to be delivered Brentrup Stealth...................


Apr-22-2006, 3:55pm
one piece back.stealthback (http://www.mandobar.com/mystealthD.jpg)

Jerry Byers
Apr-22-2006, 3:56pm
Very nice looking mandolin! I'm a big fan of both the black face and the cat's eyes.

If I may ask, does moving the sound holes farther out towards the edge affect the sound or tone? Does the top plate respond more or less with a larger center section? Finally, are the tone bars in the standard location, or were they move farther from centerline? Thanks.

Apr-22-2006, 3:58pm
jerry, those are questions that hans will have to answer. as i have not even touched this mandolin yet, i cannot even comment on the tone. i have heard it over the phone and it does sound loud and full...............but remember it is very very new. only time will tell, but i wanted something more contemporary sounding (as well as looking)

Apr-22-2006, 6:31pm
I can not answer for certain, but it's my understanding that moving the f-hole toward the rim mellows out the sound of the mandolin.

Duc Vu
Jul-20-2006, 7:13pm
The posted new BRW 3-pointer reminded me of this gorgeous Stealth model. Mandobar, could you tell us your experience with it so far?

Jul-20-2006, 7:39pm
i haven't had much time to post. we've bought a permanent residence in maine and are days from our closing. things are hectic. i really should be packing...............but

i am having a blast with this Stealth! the sound is amazing. hans is doing something different, not sure what it is and i don't want to know. it's not important what it is, but it is important to the sound. very loud, excellent tone right out of the box. i could see this becoming my main axe. lots of bark. super super responsive. a friend of mine is a luthier- (luthier to CSNY, john hiatt, johnny winter, etc.) i took it over there and he was GAGA over it.

another winner from Hans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Duc Vu
Jul-20-2006, 11:15pm
Thank you Mandobar for the review. I wouldn't expect any less from a Brentrup.

Jul-22-2006, 1:36am
Wow that mando looks teriffic!!