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Lane Pryce
Apr-21-2006, 2:59pm
My new Mowry A should be here in time for MerleFest. It is complete and ready for a cross country trip Monday morning. Here are a few pics.

The peghead.

Lane Pryce
Apr-21-2006, 3:01pm

Lane Pryce
Apr-21-2006, 3:02pm
Front shot.

Lane Pryce
Apr-21-2006, 3:03pm
Front Shot.

Lane Pryce
Apr-21-2006, 3:04pm
Back Shot.

Eric F.
Apr-21-2006, 3:06pm
Holy jamoley, that's fine!

Lane Pryce
Apr-21-2006, 3:06pm
Final back shot. Detailed report to follow. Lp

Skip Kelley
Apr-21-2006, 4:35pm
Sweet!! Bring it by the house one day!! Lets pick some one morning. Love that quilt!

Apr-21-2006, 4:35pm
Stellar! Congrats and enjoy it! You must be going ape following the tracking via UPS or whatever... Beautiful work Mr. Mowry!


Apr-21-2006, 5:48pm
Wow that is some beautiful Quilt on beautiful mandolin. Bet your not gettin' much sleep.

Apr-21-2006, 6:03pm
Andrew's work keeps getting better and better! #I talked to Andrew a couple of months ago about building me an A-5 mandolin, but my wife and my budget would not allow it. #Lane, that is one fine-looking mandolin! #Andrew is a heck of a nice guy and obviously very talented. #Lane, if you have not sold that Kelley A-5, then PM me and I will give you my address http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Lane Pryce
Apr-25-2006, 8:28am
The mandolion was shipped yesterday and I should have it by the weekend. Andrew displayed it and another at the 2006 Handmade Musical Instrument Show at Marylhurst University near Portland Ore. According to Andrew the mandolins were played by some really notable luthiers/players and they were very well received. He describes the tone as "bluegrassy," very dry and with substantial volume. Chomping at the bits and impatiently waiting. Lp

Apr-26-2006, 6:41am
I love that color!

Apr-26-2006, 6:43am

Apr-26-2006, 7:22am
Great looking mandolin. What are the tuning machines. The ivoroid buttons really give it a classy look.

May-07-2006, 11:39pm
Andrew let me demo this already completed mandolin and I could not put it down and had to own it. The tone has continued to develop over the past few weeks greatly. I have had many common ears ( people who are not even familiar with mandolins and comparison in quality of tone and craftsmenship)stunned by how great it sounds. I hope you are just as happy with yours.

Lane Pryce
May-08-2006, 7:42am
Pete you have a terrific F5. The quality of Andy's work is amazing and his attention to detail is uncanny. My Mowry is my second custom and I could not be happier with the mandolin. Lp

May-08-2006, 2:24pm
Thanks JLP!
I really think Andrew will soon be making a big name for himself and would consider both of us lucky to part of just the beginning.