View Full Version : Post a pic of your Pomeroy!

Apr-07-2004, 3:39pm
I just got put on Don Paine's waiting list and would like to see some pic's of his past mandolins. I have seen the one's on the website and Great Divide Music. If you have any different one's, please post some pics of them. I'm trying to get an idea of what finish and options I would like. I'm so excited. Now the wait begins.

Apr-07-2004, 3:55pm
How long is his waiting list? I've never heard or played one of his mandos but they sure look tastey.

Ken Sager
Apr-07-2004, 5:48pm
Look tasty, sound tasty. You've seen mine (#43 @ Great Divide) but if you'd like any closeup shots of anything in particular let me know. I think Don's fit & finish work is top notch. The tone is the kicker though. I absolutely love it.


Apr-08-2004, 7:18am
his waiting list is about 2-3 months and then another month or so to build.

Apr-13-2004, 6:27pm
Cragger, You can check out a few pictures of Blackjack at my .mac web site. Here is the link.
My Pomeroy (http://homepage.mac.com/jjmcmullen/PhotoAlbum3.html)

Apr-14-2004, 8:53am
thanks mandorado. i think i am going to go with a finish similar to yours and 33. i'm not sure what piece of wood i will go with for the back. i keep looking at all of the pics and i sill have so long to wait. only a couple months but still.

Apr-14-2004, 10:19am
Cragger, two months will fly by. I think the one piece backs look really awesome. I've seen most of them, and they look really cool. However, the standard maple stripes always look good too (heck, knowone sees it but you anyway). I don't know if it makes a big difference as far as sound goes. I think all of Don's mandos sound really great. And you can be assured your mandolin will be unique. Ah, makes my MAS flair up when I think about getting another one. Ouch!
I like the traditional look of Blackjack. But having seen the blackface he is working on ... makes me think that would be cool too. Have you seen the Collings Tim O'Brien model prototype pictures at Great Divide (http://www.greatdividemusic.com/Tim_O'BrienProto1.html)? I like the looks of that mandolin! I bet Don could do something like this for less than $5K. And it would probably sound as good or better.

Apr-14-2004, 10:48am
yeah, i think i am going to go with a one piece back something like his #33 a model that was on his site recently. whatever my choice is will depend on what will produce the best tone. i'm not sure if it really makes a difference or not. i do want a pretty traditional look with a sort of vintage brown sunburst. i hope the two or three months go by fast. it is time to start eating the ramen and pb&j's to start saving.

Apr-14-2004, 11:15am
I just couldnt resist... Dig that sunburst and golden color... it should be visible for awhile anyhow.

Apr-14-2004, 11:22am
Not sure if this is going to work but here it goes. Here's my backup Pomeroy ...
My Pomeroynian "Meeka Honey Bear" (http://www.smalldog.com/mydog/picture.php?ID=1387)

Scotti Adams
Apr-14-2004, 3:37pm
..John thats one fine lookin Pomey you have there....I really like the matte looking finish...how do they sound..??

Apr-14-2004, 3:51pm
Lemme guess, a bit yappy but excellent bark and bite for the size.

Apr-14-2004, 4:18pm
More than enough bark (especially loud with large groups of strangers!), never bit anyone in 12 years as far as I know. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Apr-15-2004, 7:09pm
There is a post with lots of pictures on the third page of this section.

May-10-2004, 3:34pm
Well, technically it's not mine yet, but it won't be long. I'm drooling with anticipation. Here are some pix of Don's work in progress, #49, an elevated fretboard, oval hole A.

Some comments from others who have seen the pictures:

"Unbelievable. It's one of the nicest sunbursts I've ever seen. Truly. You must be flipping."

"This is GORGEOUS!"

"mjhmjhmjvh [jaw hitting keyboard] Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!"

May-10-2004, 3:36pm
... and the mahogany back and sides:

May-10-2004, 4:47pm
Man ... that's the biggest Pomeroy yet! http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

May-14-2004, 10:54pm
I got a look at #49 last night at Don's. Looks great and sounds good too! Very nice finish on it, and the mahogany back looks really nice.
Don has another mahogany back that he plays a lot ... these mahogany back mandos sound really good.

May-17-2004, 2:41pm
#49 already. I am tentatively #51! Now I'm drooling with anticipation and I'm a few months out.