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J. Mark Lane
Apr-15-2006, 5:42am

Apr-15-2006, 7:33am
I love the sculpture on the headstock, he looks as if he is trying to see what's being played on the fingerboard.

Just an amazing looking bowl, I am sure it will sound awesome too.

Apr-15-2006, 9:10am
J. Mark. You're fortunate to be able to get a work of art like that. I hope it gives joy and inspiration. Spectacular.


Apr-15-2006, 11:18am
Is the figure carved on the peghead Vito Corleone alias Marlon Brando of the Godfather movie? Only kidding , that is a lovely looking instrument.

Apr-15-2006, 5:53pm
Awesome, J.Mark...got other pics from other angles... Brian's work is so sculptural, you just have to see it from different angles...

Jim Garber
Apr-15-2006, 8:52pm
When is the ETA? I wanna see it...


Apr-15-2006, 8:58pm
How cool is your new mando, Mark?! Between yours and Scott's Calace #26, I'm feeling a heretofore unknown MAS wind blowing in--thanks, guys. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/tounge.gif


Lane Pryce
Apr-15-2006, 9:05pm
J.Mark thats a real cool box you have there. Any chance of getting up a sound clip? Lp

J. Mark Lane
Apr-15-2006, 9:06pm
Jim -- I'm sure there is an ETA, but I have no idea what it is. And I ain't askin'. When I look at the pictures of this thing, I can only conclude that Brian needs to be left to his muse. I am not getting in the way. The fact that once it's all done this beauty is going to be shipped to my house is amazing to me. All I did was order a mandolin. Crazy, huh?

And Dfyngravity...I hadn't thought of the carving that way, but that is a very cool idea. I love it! Whoever that is, he is looking over what I will be doing with the instrument (yikes! I'm not worthy <g>).

I'm really psyched about this mandolin, folks. It's like a whole world that needs to be explored, and I have no idea what I will find. The formulaic lives we lead today don't leave much room for things new and truly creative. Brian is a breath of fresh air in that stifling environment, an artist who simply refuses to follow the rules. Hm. A familiar notion? <g>

J. Mark Lane
Apr-15-2006, 9:09pm
Lane - yeah, definitely. I've been reading up on website design (even trying to learn html), and I hope to set up a website fairly soon. One of the sections I will include will be sound clips of the instruments I own. I'm just not sure what to play on it...I'm working on a couple of Baroque pieces that may work well. We'll see.

Philip Halcomb
Apr-19-2006, 12:20pm
Very nice new ax Mark, enjoy it!

Eric F.
Apr-20-2006, 8:59am

J. Mark Lane
Apr-20-2006, 9:29am
Here's a couple more that Brian sent me yesterday. The final finish is in process (varnish, french polish). Delivery can't be too far away!

J. Mark Lane
Apr-20-2006, 9:30am

J. Mark Lane
Apr-20-2006, 9:31am
Side view.

J. Mark Lane
Apr-20-2006, 9:32am
Back of headstock.

Jim Garber
Apr-20-2006, 10:24am
Exciting! I guess he was able to get those side-mount schallers from Europe?


J. Mark Lane
Apr-20-2006, 10:50am
Yeah. They're not that hard to get, actually. I got a set from Greece last year. I forget where Brian ordered this set, but it was Europe, I think.

Apr-20-2006, 11:18am
is that carlos anzo on the headstock

Apr-20-2006, 12:35pm
That is truly one amazing work of art!!! You are indeed fortunate to be able to commission something like that, and Brian's fortunate to have someone that doesn't want to micro-manage the specs! I love Brian's detail... I don't know if it was deliberate, but even the back of the peghead follows the curvature of a human spine into the shoulder area below the head carving. I'm looking forward to hearing how it sounds.

Paul Doubek

Apr-20-2006, 2:20pm
Paul... you can bet that was deliberate. Brian is a very 3d kinda guy.

J.Mark-- that is looking SO wonderful... can't wait to hear about how it plays.

Apr-20-2006, 3:21pm
is that carlos anzo on the headstock
I've been assuming it's J.M.L.

Apr-20-2006, 3:24pm
doesn't look much like JML... and Brian INSISTS it is not his own image.

Apr-20-2006, 5:09pm
looks like General Custer without his hat! http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/laugh.gif

Apr-20-2006, 7:01pm
He's kinda hippy-looking with the moustache and the ponnytail.

J. Mark Lane
Apr-26-2006, 2:17pm
Well, since I posted the others...this one came in this morning. That's a varnish finish, french polished.

Jim Garber
Apr-26-2006, 2:36pm
Gorgeous, Mark. I assume that the jpeg came and not the mandolin. That is a very romantique shot, non? It is coming from Montreal.


J. Mark Lane
Apr-26-2006, 2:41pm
No, just the jpg arrived. But Brian tells me it's now down to "days" before it ships. I'm like...I can't stand it!

And yes, I agree, the shot is...uh, that word. I think that word kind of describes Brian generally in many respects. A true artist.

More to come....

Jim Garber
Apr-26-2006, 2:50pm
I am warming up the engine for my visit :-)


May-01-2006, 6:57pm
Any news?


J. Mark Lane
May-01-2006, 8:04pm
Hi Jamie,

Yeah, Brian and I have been working out the details of a custom case he is making for me now. You guys aren't going to believe this thing.

I finally asked Brian what he thought about a delivery date, and he said middle of May. So I'm pretty psyched. I have no idea what this instrument will sound like, but it sure is gorgeous to look at.

Stay tuned!

Jim Garber
May-01-2006, 8:04pm
At these prices, I think I need to turn off my engine for the time being.


J. Mark Lane
May-01-2006, 8:11pm
There's always Metro North. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Jim Garber
May-01-2006, 8:20pm
Brian and I have been working out the details of a custom case he is making for me now. You guys aren't going to believe this thing.
I have seen his soft cases... is this a custom hard case? Is he making it or farming it out.

I had discussed bowlback cases for him some time ago.


J. Mark Lane
May-01-2006, 8:25pm
It's a hard case, Jim. He's making it himself. Something about Japanese Tansu hardware, fold-down box with arched lid made entirely from pine with pecan stain, leather handle, hand-made wooden latches with an ebony pin, patterned Thai silk interior.... Somewhat unique, I would imagine....

May-01-2006, 9:08pm
Very, very nice.

Jim Garber
May-01-2006, 9:14pm
You are lucky... my prediction is that he may not make many cases. Most luthiers try it at least once and realize that to make a case almost takes as much effort as to make the instrument.

I was lucky to get a case for my Monteleone mandola that was a sax case with an interior customized by John. The accessory compartment alone is worth the price of admission. he said he would never do it again and probably has not.