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Apr-14-2006, 9:07am
I’m hoping someone here will help me with this bowlback I bought a couple of years ago. #It is labeled as “Globe Musical Instrument Co.,/ Successors to the / Italian Mandolin M’F’G’ Co./ New York/-----/ THE AMERICAN/ No. 3384” #The / are line breaks.
15 Ribs (2 fat ones on sides and 13 skinnier ones). #It has THE GLOBE stamped on the fretboard at the between the first and second fret. #When I held it up to the sky to take some pictures today I noticed a few separations between a few ribs in the bowl. #They are small. #The headstock is unstamped or marked. It is strung up with Lord only knows what kind of wound strings. #The tuners slip badly. #I bought it thinking it might be playable but the tuners made it a “museum piece” in my study.

I have some tuners from an IV kit I could put on it… Should I. And, if I do, what kind of light gauge strings (please give me a name) should I put on it. #I have been told this isn’t a particularly valuable instrument. #Was that correct? #Even if it is a cheap-o should I change out parts on it? #I’m just curious what it would sound like strung up and ready to play. #I’ll post a bunch of photos.

Thanks in advance,

Front and back

Apr-14-2006, 9:08am
Down the Neck and back up again...

Apr-14-2006, 9:09am
THE GLOBE on the Fretboard.

Apr-14-2006, 9:10am
The label, binding and pickguard detail...

Apr-14-2006, 9:12am
Seam separation through the paper(?) lining...

Jim Garber
Apr-14-2006, 10:08am
I don't have ready info (I am not at home) on Globe but they are fairly common.

GHS A240s are readily available from juststrings.com. They would be fine to start out with but lose tone pretty soon.

Here is the sources for the better quality strings :
The source in the US for Dogal mandolin strings is:
Classic Bows, Inc., PO Box 81655, San Diego, CA 92138
Phone: 1-888-402-5277
email: classicbows@nethere.com
Talk to Greg Gohde who specializes in mandolins



RW92B Soft Tension (dolce) is what you want

The source for Lenzner mandolin strings in the US is:

Steve Miklas (steve@acousticmusicworks.com)
Acoustic Music Works, LLC
2142 Murray Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15217


Apr-14-2006, 10:41am
Thanks Jim. If it's pretty common I think I'll try and remove the old ones and see if I can clean them up first or just replace with the IV kit ones. I'll save the originals anyway.

Are there any concerns with the separations in the back?


Jim Garber
Apr-14-2006, 11:17am
I would not use std strings, like the ones that can with the IV kit. The GHS ones are about $5 and are meant for bowlback -- much less tension, esp if you have some back cracks. I would get them fixed before stringing. Should be relatively minor.


Apr-14-2006, 12:37pm
I mispoke...wrote... #The IV tuners for the Globe... I'll use light guage strings only. I'll see if a local shop can make the seam repairs.


Bill Snyder
Apr-14-2006, 3:13pm
Jamie check this thread. (http://www.mandolincafe.net/cgi-bin/ikonboard.cgi?act=ST;f=7;t=32383) It has information on reworking old tuners.

Apr-14-2006, 4:11pm
Thanks Bill. I would prefer not to use new tuners on an old mandolin. I try Paul's clean up method.


Jim Garber
Apr-14-2006, 9:39pm
The only info I could find about Globe is from Mugwumps:

Q: I am trying to find out about The Globe Musical Instrument Company in New York; are they the same as Globe Music Co. of Chicago. BB
A: It's probable that they are the same. The Charles Meisel Company was a wholesaler established 1878; they didn't manufacture anything, but claimed "Sole control of the output of the Globe Musical Company."

The company may stiull be in business. I found this on another site:

P.O. Box 90
Springfield, NJ


Apr-15-2006, 9:12am
Thanks for your help, Jim.


Apr-15-2006, 8:08pm
Chances are the tuners wouldn't fit anyhow. I'll bet the spacing is different....