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Apr-12-2006, 11:26pm
Well I just spent a few hours up in Grand Rapids with Lloyd LaPlant, and one of his sons Billy. He is such a great guy. Everytime I get a chance to head up that way I always stop to see Lloyd. We spent about 20 minutes in the shop, and about an hour and a half just picking.

So how about some pictures of a few LaPlant's?

I unfortunately don't own one. But I sure do like playing them.


Jim Gallaher
Apr-13-2006, 7:16am
Here's my 1983 F-5 LaPlant, #11:

Jim Gallaher
Apr-13-2006, 7:21am
And here's a picture from a few years ago of Lloyd with his daughter Mary (multiple-year Minnesota fiddle champion):

Big Joe
Apr-13-2006, 9:18am
I have fond memories of going to Lloyd's shop and he and his wife always treated us like we were somebody! Still, to this day, the best 12 fret slot head guitar I've ever heard was one he had built. I sure wish I'd have bought one. Oh, his mandolins are also way cool! Lloyd is a great man and I'm proud to call hima friend!

Joe F
Apr-13-2006, 9:53am
I met Lloyd at the MBOTMA Winter Weekend last month in Plymouth, MN. #He's a great guy to get to know, and the satin-finish F5 he let me try out was incredible. #It was very difficult to hand it back to him!

Apr-13-2006, 11:41am
I know Lloyd well - he lives a couple of hours north. I bought my son a violin from Lloyd years ago. I still have it. It was a very valuable violin then and much more so now!! Lloyd is absolutely a straight shooter and all around good guy. And BTW I played that satin finish F5 too. All I can say is WOW - what a mandolin. Brand spanking new too. Makes me think this stuff about "opening up" and "breaking in" is oversold. That mandolin was new and it was THERE. That one is right from the start.

G. Fisher
Apr-16-2006, 6:59pm
My LaPlants #106 & #6

G. Fisher
Apr-16-2006, 7:01pm
The backs