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Jan-27-2004, 12:10pm
I am looking into buying a used Gibson A5, probably from Elderly. Which are they best years of the A5 in the past 10 years. Montana vs Nashville? I am not an expert and only want an instrument that is worth my money and sounds better than my current Epiphone MM-50. Thanks.

Jan-28-2004, 5:48pm
Probably as much difference between individual instruments as there are between certain years. If you can swing it on your credit card, order more than one and take use of Elderly's return policy. But you'll have to eat the shipping costs both ways on the one(s) you return. Expect a courtesy call from your credit card company if you don't have a history of making purchases such as this.

Feb-10-2004, 6:30pm

Definantly ask about the Holoubek A-5 he makes a great mandolin so check it out!!

Hope it works out , BrĄcE

Feb-14-2004, 8:42pm
Quality A-5 mandolins. The Holoubeks are great A-5 from what I hear, so I will agree with that. But I would also like to put in a word about the Janish A-5 mandolins. Pavel Janish is producing some great mandolins right now. His prices are going up everytime I look at his stuff. I bought his A-5 in the spring of 2003, it cost around $1600 I believe it was and now they are around $2600 I think. It has an incredible tone and very good volume. They also come standard with a radiused fingerboard which I think makes playing a lot easier. All around I think the Janish A-5 is a killer mando, and can play right along with all of the big hitters out there. Check em' out at www.galleryofstrings.com

Feb-16-2004, 7:21pm
Yes Pavel just made a killer varnish A-5 check that out as as well